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  • scarabY2k ·
    Lovin the Phillies/Yankees smack!! I'm mad at your boys though for losing to them stinkin Angels. I so want a subway/cheesesteak world series!
    vwgary ·
    Too bad the animated GIF didn't load with the copy. It was a hoot!! :)
    Yup, is it May yet? We generally hold the winter season dear in the hot and humid south. For some strange reason, I can't wait for spring to, well, spring :)
    hestersu ·
    Way cool to get your own w/d. I remember the laundrymat days. It was so not fun (but it was nice to get all of my laundry done in 2 hours rather than 6 with 3 washers going at once). I wouldn't be happy if my w/d died. Did you get a front loader? I want something that uses less water than the 40gal that my old Maytag uses. But that Maytag is a very good washer.
    angelworks ·
    They don't recc ingesting it but people commonly do---I actually put some on my toothbrush along with the paste. And I know peeps who spray it on the back of their throats when they feel a sore throat coming on. I *think* it would only harm you if you were like swilling it?
    Severecaraddict ·
    Sometimes I find myself wondering..."What would MJ do?" In the case of the 'slap-a-screaming-kid' thread; I think he'd sit back and eat popcorn and wait for the train wreck.
    The Cheat ·
    it's all good amy, i'll have pictures soon, the wifey doesn't want them publicly viewed, but when i go over tomorrow, i'll snap a couple and text 'em your way.
    DannyRandomState ·
    Wow! that is some really sweet stuff! I'd love to see that cemetery. Stuff like that has always been an intrest (not the death part, but the history part). I'll get into the reading tonight. I should be out cleaning the shop. I've got to clear a spot for a hopeful project in the next couple weeks. :crazy:

    Hope you had a great weekend!

    Hiya Toid! :flowers:
    Fl_bug ·
    She is! See, she was doing very well at one point a few months ago and just stopped taking her medicine without checking with her doctor or telling her family.

    When my dad took her to the hospital, they confirmed that one of the medicines (don't know the name) caused her to be literally HOT and COLD but at the same time! :eek: Another caused body aches and pain, and another caused her to have swelling in her feet. You know those cartoon character slippers people wear over their entire feet? Yea, thats how big her entire feet were.

    Doctor gave her a shot and fresh medicine yesterday and she already admitted to feeling better. So she should be well soon!
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