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  • lounge_bait ·
    It has been a while since i posted. Work blocked access to forums for a while, and now they mysteriously work again... hi back!
    Fl_bug ·
    Hopefully!!! But my stepsister just got admitted into the Emergency Room for her Arthritis:(. I really hope she is ok! Its been really rough for the past week or so for her. My dad (Mr. CoSign) is there with her now, so who knows :dunno:

    I HOPE i still can!
    Fl_bug ·
    Whenever I can catch a break. :( I'm ready, but my dad is always, "WAIT, lets :blahblah: first!" Currently, i have no idea what i'm waiting for, but I'd like to get rid my guzzler. I just drove 50miles on the highway (NO STOP AND GO) and lost a Quarter tank of fuel. And another quarter on the way back. Thats barely 200+ miles on a full tank.

    G U zz LER!!!!
    DannyRandomState ·
    Oh trust me there's nothin you could says to scare me off! :crazy:

    I'm pretty numb to the juggling at work. I look at it this way I go in, do my time, and leave after times up. It's a novel concept, yet it seems to help me kepp what insanity I have left!

    Oh packing...... yeah the next time I have to move I'm gonna hire a moving compnay!

    Hiya Turd! :yaya:
    DannyRandomState ·
    Hey there!

    I feel like a dork! I wrote back from the last note ya sent, but as it goes with me I wrote back to myself! :crazy: I thought I copy/pasted a new one to you, buuuuuutttttt I guess not!

    Hi there! Things are going ummmm well yeah they're going. I'm back on nights for 2 weeks. ACK! Then it'll be time to get used to the day shift again! Maybe I could be stuck on nights again?!?!!

    Hope things are going good out there with the move and all that goes with it!

    Hi Toid! :flowers:
    mybugrocks ·
    Yea, the infectious disease doctor didn't wanna do a blood test at all, I don't think its too serious either, thanks Amy :grouphug: :) I am sure its helping
    mybugrocks ·
    Hey Amy! Thanks for asking, I just spoke to her about an hour and a half ago, she went to a different doctor who took her off of all her antibiotics in fear of her getting a drug induced fever, she got her blood test results, she has a slow thyroid and stuff in her liver, she has an appointment on Monday to find out more
    DannyRandomState ·
    Sorry to hear aboot the nights. I believe if asked I would never go back to nights. BLAH! My week is slowly going to hell (at work at least), but it's half way over sooooo it can't be to bad I suppose! :crazy: It's only 8 hours a day!

    My B-day was nice and relaxing. The best part was getting the b-day wishes from everyone!

    Hi Turd! :flowers:
    DannyRandomState ·
    Hello! Toid!

    Why yes, yes I am! I couldn't turn it down. It'll be another chance to meet really cool peoples, and meet up with good friends too!

    Hola Turd! :flowers:
    angelworks ·
    Oh okay. No problem. My opinions are kept in my open mind. Some folk seem to confuse opinions with judgements. I try really hard not to judge*emphasis on TRY* as no one really knows except the people involved in any situation.

    Besides, those kids are innocent and they are hurting. They deserve compassion.

    I will say that listening to Brooke S speak made me stop and wonder about my feelings and a line from that Maya Angelo poem was perfect:

    "He thrived with passion and compassion, humor and style. We had him whether we know who he was or did not know, he was ours and we were his."

    I want to someday grow up to live half as gracefully as that woman does.
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