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  • DZLBUG ·
    Anything that I would need to switch it from grey to black interior. I'm not looking for the seats, but anything else. I already have the glovebox and the panel under the steering wheel but that is it. If you were able to grab stuff I would make it worth your while.

    Good luck with the new car, I hope it works out well for you.
    scarabY2k ·
    Why thank you M'am:). It was great meeting you in Roswell. Looking forward to The Dragon... you're gonna love it:banana:
    DZLBUG ·
    LMAO! I thought it was fricken' hilarious. I can honestly say that was the 1st time I've ever been hit on by a guy. Though I did dance with a man at my wedding. Alcohol was involved, and there are pictures to prove it apparently. :cool:
    Fl_bug ·
    The secret santa sounds like a great idea, but i'm just bogged down at the moment. I barely have the christmas spirt. Hopefully my holiday concert will cheer me up and put me in the mood. ooo some youtube'd christmas songs might help me too! I want to be excited about christmas but its not going so great this year.

    My P.O.S. car has me down too. Its been a far cry from the reliable honda. My tac is sitting on 1rpm as we speak, and the car is off!
    Severecaraddict ·
    SCORE!!! What kind of TDI did you find? I definitely miss my Beetles but my little Z4 is a blast! I just wish I lived somewhere warm and tropical! Sounds like Maria will be driving soon enough! Tell Ollie I said hi and have a SAFE trip! [Sorry for the delayed response. My goofy :moon: responded to you in my OWN profile section:p ] Hope you're having a safe trip!
    Severecaraddict ·
    I'm doing really well! How are you and Ollie? How's your daughter? She has to be a teenager by now I'm guessing? Time flies when we're having fun! :) Hope all is going well for you guys!
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