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  1. my sister's 2002 problems!!!

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    Hey guys I have been away from the bug scene for quite awhile since I lost my bug in the divorce.:mad: but my sister is haveing a problem with her electrical system. apparently there is some short some where that keeps burning out her AC fuse. she had issues with her bug a couple years back...
  2. looking for painted dash (radio piece)

    Styling Modifications
    Its been a while since I have been online since i no longer have my bug. But my sister is has an 02 1.8 and she is wanting the blue lagoon center dash piece and I remeber somebody online some where selling them already painted. I was just wondering if anybody knew if the site still exist or of...
  3. CENTRAL Caravan Itinerary

    well if ya do let me know about what time you expect to be there and I wanna come see some old faces. I am about an hour away from the big texan. I don't have a bug any more he went with the exwife who just traded him off for a Pontiac solstice (junk)
  4. CENTRAL Caravan Itinerary

    are yall gonna make a stop at the big Texan this year?
  5. Mountain Caravan - Colorado to Roswell

    I wanna go:cry:
  6. 1,000,000 Posts

    Miscellaneous Hoo-Ha Archive
    5437 man this is takeing for ever
  7. VW up

    Miscellaneous Hoo-Ha Archive
    I found this link and was wondering if anybody else knew about it. I also read in it that the redesigned NB has been put on hold because they are wanting to adapt this platform to the NEW NB with a REAR ENGINE...
  8. Door problem

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Hey thanks for the info but I think I am going to let my dub shop take care of it since it is still under factory warrenty.
  9. Door problem

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    I am not sure but I have read alot about the door sensors going bad on the beetles but I am unsure how to tell. Well my problem is that when I push the lock button on the key the passenger door will lock the horn will sound and the lights will flash like normal. BUT..........the drivers door...
  10. Caravan North TX (Amarillo)

    Event Planning Archive
    Really who do you know that lives in Pampa???
  11. Caravan North TX (Amarillo)

    Event Planning Archive
    Just wondering if any body was caravanning through Amarillo this year? If I get to go I might just jump in and tag along.
  12. Tnbru 2007

    Event Planning Archive
    Well I dont know If we are going to get to make it...... Is there anybody caravaning through Amarillo on I-40? I am still working on the details (the wife):scared: And it looks like the rest of our crew wont be able to make it either. Man I want to be get to come this year. I will see what I...
  13. Rc Cars

    Other Hobbies
    I love them I have 3 X-mods and the mini-Z's are well worth the extra money.
  14. Rc Cars

    Other Hobbies
    And I guess this thread really should be in the hobbies section.........oops
  15. Rc Cars

    Other Hobbies
    Well here is whats left of the PT cruiser that sacraficed its life so that the beetle could live