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  1. what do you have?

    Car Audio
    After contimplating which stereo to choose I decided to just get an mp3 player and use the cassette player to play the music. I figure this way I'm keeping it with it's original stereo which plays just fine and I get to listen to whatever I want. It was just new for me since I've never dealt...
  2. 2002 Orange VW New Beetle Turbo

    Vehicle Classifieds
    Betchya it's like the one I've been oogling since before I bought mine. It's in Clarks Summit, PA $10,575 but it was automatic.
  3. For Sale: 2001 New Beetle With 26,000 Original Miles

    Vehicle Classifieds
    You're pretty close to me. I live in Coaldale which is East out of Tamaqua, PA I'll be sure to show my husband. He's looking for something and I know he's jealous of my Orange.:rolleyes:
  4. what do you have?

    Car Audio
    My recently purchased 2003 Beetle came with only a cassette player/radio and my late Christmas present is to pick out an after market stereo that has a cd player, radio, and usb port for when I finally figure out my mp3 player. I'm not really up with the tech stuff...I'm only 30 but I just...
  5. Secrets of the New Beetle, Part Deux

    The New Beetle Experience
    Can't wait to try the squeaky seat trick. I hope it works! My 03 only came with a cassete player and most of the tapes I have were second hand so I hear every noise the car makes. That doesn't mean there's lots of things wrong...I'm just used to blaring music when I'm driving so now I notice...
  6. Secrets of the New Beetle, Part Deux

    The New Beetle Experience
    Yeah, I just saw that picture illustrated in my book. I was looking for other information and found that instead. :screwy:
  7. Secrets of the New Beetle, Part Deux

    The New Beetle Experience
    I'm confused at midnight and can't go out to my car....what does that do?:confused:
  8. Secrets of the New Beetle, Part Deux

    The New Beetle Experience
    Yes, I love that! Only have had mine for about 3 months but that comes in handy for my giagantic coffees! This is probably well known but I like the little snap circles for the mats. My father used to complain so bad when we were kids for pushing car mats around. My you can't really do that...
  9. Birth certificate for NBs

    The New Beetle Experience
    Yay, I can't wait for one!
  10. Finally registered, can't wait to say hello!

    New Member Forum
    Yeah that one is really nice. He's right too, the Beetle prices really change in certain areas. My Dad used to do car sales and warned me about regional pricing. Now he sells firetrucks all over the world. Tring to talk him into buying an old Beetle. I have a Westfilia on the bucket list...
  11. Pics of PolarTurboBug.....8-)

    Photos: New Beetles
    I always like the White NBs too. I said this before but they remind me of a piece of candy for whatever reason. Yup, I'm fat.:rolleyes:
  12. JuggBug's NB ~ '06 Harvest Moon

    Photos: New Beetles
    Killer Bug! I love it. Makes Orange Car feel very humble!:o
  13. 2004 NB Transmission issues?

    Transmission Talk
    I'm still relatively new at this forum so if whatever from the following is included in the information "M" usually tells new people to look at-sorry I didn't look at all of it yet. What are the best ways to make sure NB's don't have transmission problems? I'll be having Orange Car seen soon...
  14. Hello!

    New Member Forum
    Hi! I'm new too. Nice new, New Beetle! I've been eyeing them up a lot but can't have that kind of payment right now! My buggy is paid off and I like that. I love the denim blue ones. I drive past the Allentown Dealer a lot to get a glance :rolleyes:
  15. Finally registered, can't wait to say hello!

    New Member Forum
    That's cool! Geesh I guess I should have researched it more and purchased that one but now I'm attached to the one I have so I wouldn't trade her. I can't believe it's still for sale though. If I win the lottery I'll be up there in a flash!