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  1. Long time gone hello.

    Miscellaneous Hoo-Ha
    howdy howdy wawalker ! Hiya Johnnyohio !
  2. roof cross bars

    Styling Modifications
    the roof bars will fit the older 98-05 body as the center of the bug is still the same, its just the fenders/ front rear bumpers and some interior bits that got updated I just bought a used set off a 08 for my 99 :)
  3. Sukhoidave's 2008 "Fowvay" Yellow New Beetle

    Photos: New Beetles
    Woohoo ! welcome back Dave !! *hugs*
  4. Blue temp light

    2.0 Liter Gas
    HI all , So stich has a glich at the moment , in the last week since its gotten bitter cold - windchills etc , his blue temp light has been acting up, during the day and on my way to work it seems to work fine , go out like its suppose to and i have HOT heat, Now when i get off work at...
  5. 99 GL " Stitch"

    Photos: New Beetles
    Johnny !! good to hear from you , and Thanks , I think hes going to be a good lil bugger, got the title yesterday now i just need to get his belt and pump done before any major driving .
  6. 99 GL " Stitch"

    Photos: New Beetles
    thanks ! cant wait to get the little guy on the road , First thing hes getting is a new timing belt and water pump before i even really drive him .
  7. 99 GL " Stitch"

    Photos: New Beetles
    Well Im back in a beetle !! Picked up Stitch today , hes a Jan. 99 build GL manual windows, 2L 5sp with 112K miles :)
  8. 1985 Vw Cabriolet

    Photos: Other Rides
    Been a while since i updated anything on here , Meike is running like the little champ she is , Ticked over 62K miles last weekend , she has gotten a few goodies added too, front and rear euro bumpers, euro tails :) . Still puts a smile on my face .
  9. New New Beetle owner :)

    New Member Forum
    Hello fellow Ohioian !! not sure off hand where to get the took hook plate holder ( if they are even available anymore ) , try Ebay ? Also I believe you would be in the 30's city driving 40's on highway .. probably a little more depending on how you drive it .. Be sure to come to the Vw...
  10. 24th Annual Bugfest Toledo Ohio

    USA: Midwest
    24th Annual Bugfest sponsored by the GREATER TOLEDO VOLKSWAGEN CLUB and Ed Schmidt VW SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 20,2015 . 9 am to 3 pm . Rain or shine Admission $2 or $ 5 per car load , Children under 12 free, SWAP SPACE $ 20 per each 15'x15' space , Show cars $ 10 . Pre Registration Dead line August...
  11. Antonym's 1988 VW Caravelle (Vanagon) with sunroof

    Photos: Other Rides
    Sweet vanagon ! is the golf engine a TDI ?
  12. 1985 Vw Cabriolet

    Photos: Other Rides
    Thanks !
  13. 1985 Vw Cabriolet

    Photos: Other Rides
    Little Vw camping in Hudson Mi, hanging out at the local college, and some Fall color !
  14. Sukhoidave's Black 2000 1.8 Turbo GLX

    Photos: New Beetles
  15. huck731's 84 rabbit D aka "boosted bunny"

    Photos: Other Rides
    Where was the top picture from ? !! Cool pics :D