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  • Yello_jellybean ·
    Sorry my friend, I would love to be there, but I have to work that day. :(
    I will be there in spirit. Say "Hi" to your mom and Brandon for me. :)
    Yello_jellybean ·
    I has been WAAY too long. I posted a mssg for you a while back. I hope you are well too. If you are in Brighton soon, let me know we can get together.
    I think I saw somewhere on here... did you get a new job?
    Yello_jellybean ·
    I don't remember the guys name, sorry. :( I am the last person you should ever ask to remember a name. I am awful with names.:eek:
    He was a really nice guy though.
    I am REALLY glad the baby is better. Well, I'm glad EVERYBODY is better. :)

    I thought those part numbers might be useful. ;) That's what friends are for. :)
    Yello_jellybean ·
    Oh No!! :( I will pray for the little guy and the whole family. When/if you speak to Brandon, please tell him that my thoughts and prayers are with them. Also, I saw a post of yours somewhere that you were looking for VW emblems. I had to replace mine several months ago because the front one was bubbling up. I ended up replacing both just so that they matched. You are looking for the 3D looking ones right?? I bought them at and they were the cheapest that I found. I will get you my part number, here in a moment.....

    Really easy to install, you don't have to dismantle anything to put the new emblems on a 2005 NB like ours. Just a HUGE pain in the butt to remove the old ones.

    Edit: Part numbers are as follows:
    1C0 853 617 B ULM
    1C0 853 630 M ULM

    Hope that helps! :)
    elancee ·
    I've been meaning to let you know (and am finally getting to it before it changes?!) how much I've enjoyed your Snoopy Christmas avvie. Very sweet!! :)
    Coloradobug ·
    Colorado Springs here. Bug is still in the shop. We stopped by there yesterday and they said they are going to take the head off (which supposedly means taking the engine out)
    Yello_jellybean ·
    Oh and Cori, I was cheeking my schedule out and I will be available if you want to do lunch on Friday, Saturday or Sunday too.... so whatever. Just let me know. :)
    Yello_jellybean ·
    Yep, I am off Friday. Or I should be around on Saturday and Sunday. Maybe not ALL day but at least long enough to see a friend and catch up over a cup of coffee for awhile. Let me know. Lookin' forward to it. :)
    Tell your mom "Hi" from me. Oh, and if you bump into Brandon, tell him I'm glad his little one is better. :)
    Yello_jellybean ·
    I am Sooo glad to hear that Daisy is better. I hope that you feel better soon too. I think I had the H1N1 flu too, a few weeks back. I was sick the weekend of the Cripple Creek cruise.:( Jon got really sick too and was out of work for a few days. WOW ! I am worried for Brandon's baby. :( I hope things go okay, the the poor little tike gets better soon. My Godson Brody, who is 5, has been out of school all week because of it too. I am REALLY worried about him too. AND his mom just had a baby (another little boy :)) on Sept 25th. She said that the pediatrician that saw Brody told her that if the baby showed ANY signs of fever they were going to hospitalize him. :( Yes!
    Let me know when you are around my neck of the woods sometime, I would love to see you. Take care.
    scarabY2k ·
    I'm not sure on the double header Cori. The delay is gonna help our pitching out a great deal. The lefties should be hot!
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