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  • scarabY2k ·
    Yeah, yeah, we wanted you guys to win just to make you feel a little better. But this time.... no mercy:p

    We're talking a lot of junk huh?:lol:
    scarabY2k ·
    Why did I know that when I saw your avatar today, Oct 8th, 2009, that I'd see a Colorado Rockies logo... Hmmmmmmm:rolleyes:

    Go Phillies:banana:
    jrhicks ·
    I just posted, I will not be making the Cripple Creek Run... 8*( My bug is brokdid... I am gonna work on it over the winter and get it ship shape for next years GTG season...
    DZLBUG ·
    Yeah, I thought it was pretty good. Sadly it is becoming more and more true all the time. I didn't want to believe it, but it is hard to ignore. We'll see how long it stays up, I'm waiting for a warning from noR or someone else.

    That sucks that you are getting a leak again, any news yet? I hope it is something easy again.
    DZLBUG ·
    No probelmo! I'm always glad to help wherever I can. Glad that it was able to be fixed so cheaply.

    I know what you mean about the MJ stuff. Yeah it is too bad that he died so young. But when we have true heroes dying everyday and all the other stuff going on in this country right was all just a bit too much.
    Yello_jellybean ·
    I did have a nice holiday. I did not get the whole day off on Friday, but I got off a noon, so not too bad. I LOVE the 4th of July. It is one of my favorite holidays. We need to get together so I can see Ms. Daisy's fancy new dead pedal.
    Cameron_Talley ·
    Hi Cori! I don't think I actually met you in Roswell--I tend to do stupid things like that! I had the Red 1998 named Tommy with BRM wheels. Just thought I'd say hello!
    Fl_bug ·
    :lol: Moms LOVE to fly!! I have a story about my mom and I in a rental Corolla! We were going 90-100 and the poor car tops out around 102 :lol:

    But that was her driving! I just gotten my license then. She HAS slowed down considerably since then.

    TDI is teh coolest!! I really wish there were more in my area!

    EDIT: More? Make that ANY that are under $10000
    Kuplamies ·
    Hi CoriBug!

    I have added some new NB ads to my thread. I think, you might like -at least- one of them. Unfortunately I don´t remember, where I found that ad, so I´m not able to put a link there.

    (Blue New Beetles are making a wave there :))
    scarabY2k ·
    Hey Cori:wave2:. Daisy and Cup will have to take pics for sure. We'll be like proud parents watching the kids play in the park:lol:. Looking forward to RK2 as well:banana:
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