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  1. Buy a used New Beetle or Not

    Miscellaneous Hoo-Ha
    My 05 5spd diesel has been very reliable other than the turbo going early which was covered under the powertrain warranty. I bought her new so she has always had the right oil and other fluids plus maintenance is always done on time. It's a fun car to drive and gets 43-44 mpg in 50/50...
  2. Legal Action vs. Volkswagen?

    New Member Forum
    Legal action?! Let us know how that goes.:p The peeling dash is easily fixed - paint it or have a shop do it for you. I doubt that's a "health issue". The crayon smell...yeah probably not good for the body, but eat an extra carrot or something every day. :D
  3. Ed Carroll WestFest 8-23-15

    USA: Southwest
    This is a great show at the dealer where I bought Daisy. If you have any questions please ask! Pre-register online for $25, goes up to $35 day of show.
  4. My dash light won't work in my temp dial knob area -- Why?

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Red99 is right. Cheap and easy to fix.
  5. Ed Carroll Motor Company show, Ft Collins, CO - 8/24/14

    USA: Southwest
    I'll be there! Fun, nice people, yummy food, indoor restrooms, shade. What more could you ask for?
  6. Heater knob lights and more

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    The bulb can be found at any parts store. Sylvania 2723
  7. My '04 Turbo S

    Photos: New Beetles
    Your S looks great! Where are you in Colorado? There's a show Aug 24 in Ft Colins we'd love to meet you and your bug!
  8. Show us your nice old New Beetle

    The New Beetle Experience
    05 TDI with over 171,000 miles She needs her front end repainted because of 10 years worth of rock chips plus she's got a few other scrapes. Daily driver.
  9. Need feedback on TDI new beetles please :)

    Suggestion Box
    Get one with verified maintenance by a TDI mechanic and you should be fine. Check out for bugs for sale. Some owners have had cam issues with the BEW but my mechanic says he hasn't seen a failure when the proper oil is used. 170k on my 05 and only a few issues like the alternator...
  10. FS: Brand new front lower mesh grille with fog lamp version

    Marketplace Archives
    Thank you so much! I meant to post earlier but I did receive it Tuesday and it looks great. It will be installed when I can get my hood re-painted. Thanks again.
  11. 28th Annual WestFest Concours and Car Show, Ft Collins 8-24-14

    USA: Southwest
    This is a really fun show! Let me know if you have any questions!
  12. FS: Brand new front lower mesh grille with fog lamp version

    Marketplace Archives
    I'll take it if it's for a 05
  13. VW Emblem

    New Beetle Convertible
  14. For those that need clear screw covers for their turn signals....I can get them!

    Marketplace Archives
    That's awesome Michelle but I think they're still available from 1stvwparts as they have been for awhile? That's where I bought mine from about 4 years ago. The bad part was that shipping cost more than the covers. :D
  15. Texas Caraabugvan to TSD 2014

    Talimena Scenic Drive
    The biggest problem for me is getting time off and October can be iffy for good weather in Colorado. I'll definitely keep it in mind!