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  • silent ·
    Thank you for your incite, I will inform my girlfriend Jean about the column and switch, I'll let you Know this week when she returns from grad classes at which time I can perform maintenance.
    cessna000 ·
    I was reading a reply you left about opening the hood of a 98 nb. You mentioned that you knew how to get the hood open if the hood came open but the secondary safety latch would not open. My email is [email protected] if you could help. Thanks, Ken
    Fl_bug ·
    Quote: "A leak down test will let you know if the head gasket is bad. Here is my thread, page 1 post #16 might be of some help to you." /Quote

    Hey, If you click the thread number, it will open up a new window with just that post. Just copy and Paste that when you link. That way you link only that thread.

    D2Beetle ·
    Snap-On Equipment Solutions, 27001 Network Place, Chicago, 800-426-6260. I ordered it from them over the phone. They will ask you for your "code", just tell them that you are an "independent" mechanic.

    Here are their stock numbers, name and cost:
    MWG3450-2A Head Gasket Aligner $20.28
    MWG3450-3 3450/2 Complement $9.72
    MWGT10070 Polydrive Bit & Socket $21.48
    MWG3090 Connect Rod Support $30.00
    MWGT10020 Tooth Belt Tensioner $9.91
    vtirocz ·
    Question for you regarding the cylinder head installation on your 2.0 Beetle. Did you use guide pins? If not, what did you do to ensure the new head was aligned correctly. I'm doing valve seals and one valve dropped into the cylinder, so I need to take the head off.

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