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  • AmyJane ·
    Hey Turd! I LOVE IT! It's old so the spiders like it a little bit but I'll live with that. Maybe once they realize we're not going anywhere they'll pack up and move. LOL It's really cute and so nice and quiet. It's on a busy road but the house is set back a bit so it's not too noisy and my neighbors are quiet for the most part. I don't know if you saw what I've been writing on Facebook but it's pretty interesting around here between the German American Settlement League (Vinny saw a really old guy pull into the community they occupy with a swastika on his bumper :eek:)which used to be called The German American Bund bewteen 1935 and 1945 and Camp Siegfried. Here are some pics of what went on:
    Company B 306th Infantry
    and the story behind it if you feel like doing a little reading. If you get to it, one of the names at the end of the story one of the young guys that is mentioned, Walter Kiezel, is either my landlords Grandfather, or father. He was one of the good guys ;) :p
    The German American Bund
    And the cemetary that dates back to the 1700's (it's a family cemetary and most of the men buried there fought in the Revolutionary War) which is RIGHT next door to my house. If you look over the fence on the right it's right there. Most of the headstones are no longer legible. One of them was replaced, though, because it had cracked and fell apart and that was a Mr. Samuel Conklin who died in 1777 and he was a POW but I'm not sure if he was rescued before he died. And his wife is buried right next to him. Cool stuff!
    These are all the people buried there:
    Hawkins Family Cemetery, Yaphank, Long Island, New York

    OK...Sorry if I bored you! I just find all this stuff really interesting. :D
    Talk to ya later, Turd!! :wave3:
    AmyJane ·
    Whew! Good to know :)
    Yeah, we hired a moving company but we still have to put everything in boxes. I don't want them touching my stuff and I want to know what went where when I get to the new place :p But I'm happy knowing I won't have to do any heavy lifting! :clap:
    AmyJane ·
    LOL! It's cool! As long as I know it wasn't anything I said :lol:
    That sucks that they keep jerking you around like that. Will it ever stop or is that something you will maybe always have to deal with?
    All I gotta say is....I HATE PACKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :shoot:

    Hi Turd! :wave3:
    AmyJane ·
    Yeah...same with Vinny...if he was asked. But he wasn't. He was told. poopheads!! Night night Turd! I hope work gets better! :flowers:
    AmyJane ·
    Hi Turd! My week started out pretty good. I was off yesterday to spend the day with Vinny and then today went to poop. He had to start back on nights again! :mad: I hope your week is goin' better!
    And I hope your B-day was awesome!
    Hi Turd!!! :yaya:
    AmyJane ·
    What up, Turd?! I see you're going to the ToD! Do my eyes decieve me?!! How awesome is that? :banana:
    Howdy Turd!!! :flowers:
    Yello_jellybean ·
    It played just fine. Audrie and I were so excited. My face hurt because I smiled and laughed so much. Thanks so much Danny. It REALLY means a lot to me. :)
    Yello_jellybean ·
    Danny you are so AWESOME. Thank you! Audrie was EVEN over here at my house when Mr. UPS brought me the package. We both just smiled and said OMG! It's from DANNY!! Thank you so much. You Rock! It was very sweet of you.
    Mazzzja ·
    You have a sock monkey on your head!!!!!! Roswell must've been a blast eyh? Wow, you must've met alot of orgers by now. Hi Danny! :flowers:
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