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  • AmyJane ·
    Like a doofus I posted this on my profile yesterday :lol:
    I need to stop doing that :D

    Congrats on 3 years, Turd! We're happy to have ya here! Sorry. I've been terrible at checking my profile messages the past couple days :D
    In January I was here, and had Skittle, for 4 years! Wow that went by fast, huh? In another 11 months Skittle will be ALLLLL MINE! :D
    I hope you enjoyed hangin' with the rat fink! :crazy:
    And enjoy the rest of your weekend!!
    HI TURD!
    R.I.T.E. :flowers:
    anitx ·
    Really?? That would be AWESOME! Shonnel is gonna be excited! :D

    You should post in the thread I started :) :) :)
    AmyJane ·
    Hahaha!! Now who's the one posting to themselves? :ha: :p
    That really hurt! I'm gonna have a lump there, you idiot! You fight like a woman! :roflmao:
    Well, it's Wednesdan for you! Only 3 more days (including today) so that's not too bad. Less would be better though, huh? :wave3:
    AmyJane ·
    Well then all I can say I guess is I hope things turn out the way you want them to. :lol:
    My week has been OK. The office Pig Pen hasnt tooted in a while and I dont really smell her but that could be because the people on the other side of the wall are burning bags of popcorn every 1/2 hour!! :mad: Why must I be surrounded by frickin' idiots! :drevil:
    Thankfully there's only one more day left! :banana:
    Hi Turd!
    Hey! You ever gonna join Facebook? I'm tired of myspace and I'm hardly ever on there anymore. We need more cool peeps on the book :p
    AmyJane ·
    Yo! I knows you isn't rude Turd! 's jess messin
    wit yeh! :D
    You enjoy your weekend, too Signore Terd!
    And have a happy easter if you celebrate it!
    R.I.T.E.! :D
    AmyJane ·
    Haha!! Good thing you noticed that or I woulda been like "WTF is up with Turd and his rudeness! :mad:" :ha:
    Yeah it sucks. I was really looking fwd to finally meeting all you peeps! :cry:
    Ahh well...everything happens for a reason, right?
    And enjoy your Fridan, Turd! :wave3:
    JuggBug ·
    It still wouldn't be good enough I tell ya! I showed JB to a guy on Sunday and (after he asked me out) offered up $500 over what I was asking which I thought was suspicious so I told him to pound sand. LOL I dunno, I guess if I drive JB more then I won't feel so bad. :)

    HI DANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :flowers: We miss you! Are you going to come out soon? Maybe for the Bug-In in May or the Classic in June? Baldy is taking his Ghia, and our neighbor is taking his Squareback. He's part of some exclusive club....I forget what it is, but ask Baldy, he'll know!
    AmyJane ·
    Haha!! Me too!
    I think the only way they'll catch on is if they're nosey like me (at least I admit it :D) and check out other people's messages :p
    R.I.T.E.! :flowers:
    AmyJane ·
    I just translated what you wrote and Babelfish translated it as "regards is the excrement" :ha: :roflmao:
    Hi Turd!
    or should I say
    Regards is the excrement! :flowers: :lol:
    AmyJane ·
    Go Turd! Go Turd! It's a three day! It's a three day!:lol:
    You enjoy the rest of your three day! :)
    Howdy Urd-tay! :D :flowers:
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