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  • Fl_bug ·
    Question for you. I've searched and searched, but i can't seem to find how to take the washer fluid resevoir out to check for leaks. Do you know how?
    beej ·
    I'll see what I can grab/afford, and if you have a number I can call when I go up this week I can update you when I get there. I saw 6 speed transmission so I'm going to take a bet. I still need steering wheel, ebrake handle (though I might have one from a Mojave that would work too) and the seats.

    Or, if they take credit cards, you can pay them over the phone and I can ship from work no biggie.

    How is your bug doing?
    bigsexyTDI ·
    What's up buddy? Are you guys still harvesting? It has been wet wet wet down here. Just a damn mess.
    Don't know if you are into custom farm toys or not, but a good buddy of mine has been custom building 715 IH Combines. You might take a look if nothing else... they are really cool. Just search on Ebay.
    DoubleNickel ·
    Yes, he's a liar and now we have a Tryant in the White House!!! When will America wake up!!!! I gotta get my knee fixed before our health care goes down the drain.
    Could you read post #7 on this thread.
    Rear suspension clunky noise - Forums

    I need some help. Thank you.
    moongrrl ·
    i was looking for the commercial you posted up on the new body kit thread the other day...thanks!! don't know if you are aware, but the trebuchet from that commercial ended up at the burning man festival and the footage i saw of it they launched a burning grand piano across the desert. wicked cool. they were talking to the ppl that own it now, and apparently they helped build it for the commercial and were just going to destroy it after. so these brilliant folks asked if they could have it instead!! awesome!
    CoriBug ·
    still leaking so the oil cap will be replaced. I don't see how it could be anything else. Weirdness but it's a Volkswagen...:)
    CoriBug ·
    Brandon still thinks it's the oil cap gasket. His theory is that it needs to be replaced so he ordered a new one and he will switch it out this afternoon. If that doesn't solve the problem, he thinks the valve cover gasket will need to be replaced. He's a great guy and thinks like we do on other matters.;) Speaking of which....yes I wanted to be wrong...I really did...:mad::(
    CoriBug ·
    After a month of no oil leaking, Daisy is now leaking more oil than before! :( I think it started about a week ago. The oil level is still ok, she goes back to Brandon Monday morning. I looked under there and I can clearly see oil. Under the latest VW recall, she got new glowplugs, a system update, and is still getting good mileage.
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