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  • kate_the_valkyrie ·
    Hey you! I know you aren't online much anymore, but if you see this, Bobby and I moved to Las Vegas! I could really use a good shop in town, could you help a girl out?? Lemme know! <3 Kate
    Yello_jellybean ·
    Hey, I have been thinking about you. I read the "Waking up in Vegas" thread, the other day and thought.. man I need to go back to Vegas. AND If I get there, I SOoo have to hook up with you and Joey. :) How have you been? I seems like forever since we were all hangin' out in Roswell. I think the western half of the US in the NB org. should do a GTG in Vegas.
    I mean, if the east can do TOD we need to to the annual "New Beetles invasion in Vegas" How fun would that be?? :D :D
    AbuNigel ·
    Hi :) I've seen your death of tan thread. Really well done!
    You used a spray gun correct? Well i'm hoping to do some interior pieces myself and happen to have an airbrush and air compressor. I figure using airbrush/spray gun paint will be better quality than spray bombing it.
    Only thing is I don't really know where to get that kinda paint, have any suggestions or tips?
    Thanks :)
    Crazy_MoFo ·
    I'll be back in the US for about a week or maybe less than a week. I gotta smog my car to get the tags and as long as I'm there, I'll be attending a buds wedding. I'll probably leave here on the 3rd or 4th of Aug. and probably comeback on the following monday or tuesday. Then I should be back in the US in early october for probably another week, to take care of some paperwork.
    mybugrocks ·
    WOOHOO!!!!!! I can't wait til next month :banana:

    DO IT!!!!! DO IT!!!!!!!! play hookie ;) come one shonnel it's gonna be so much fun :banana: youd have to be in van nuys by 11 but come on!!!!! If I had your number I'd text you and tell you to come!!!
    made-up.maria. ·
    Ahh nm just got home from a little job hunting/ window shopping lol, you?
    I am sorry about the death, I hope things get better for you. Lucky working, that is what I need man, out of the house and making some money, lol. Only thing interesting is that I just came back from a week in the mountains of North Carolina near were ToD will be, omg driving is veryyyy niceeeee! Lots of good curves and great views. Then spent a couple of days in Virginia, so now being home sucks like uber bad. Haha staying out of trouble me ;) I am trying, lol
    mybugrocks ·
    Hi Shonnel :wave2:

    You are very welcome, I am going to try, as far as right now yea I am, I so wish you and Joey could come!!! My parent's are leaving tomorrow morning for Palm Springs so I am kinda alone here cept for my brother but don't think he will be home much if at all so :dunno: how are you holding up?? and Are you and Joey still coming to CA next month??
    MichelleRoze ·
    Yes, we'll definately have to take pictures at the ToD of Evilina and Probie together. Autobots and Decepticons together...peacefully lol
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