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  1. Bicycle Rack/carrier for 1999 NB

    The New Beetle Experience
    Thanks everyone!
  2. What did you do for your beetle today?

    The New Beetle Experience
    I drove Stinker to work today like I always do. It has been over 100 around here too and my right turn signal was acting weird but now is back to normal. Th heat may be a culprit, or just age.
  3. Bicycle Rack/carrier for 1999 NB

    The New Beetle Experience
    I may be selling my van, reluctantly, but I'm the only one in my family who drives it on occasion and Vanagons are increasingly costly to maintain so I really can't justify keeping it. However, I use it to haul my bicycle around. Does anyone have any recommendations for a bike rack or...
  4. Veteran New Beetle Owner

    New Member Forum
    Went to car show last Sunday, Bug Bash in Antioch, CA and got sidetracked and forgot to photograph my car! Poor thing never gets shown at any car shows; this was the first time. Mostly air-cooled Beetles and Busses but it was so hot, and our air-cooled is getting a new motor, that I decided to...
  5. How Many Miles Do You Have?

    The New Beetle Experience
    Just turned 290,000 last night. Was my parents' Beetle; my dad put on the first 103,000 or so.
  6. New New Beetle owner :)

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    Not sure about 2013 diesels but my old 1999 NB gets 46-50 mpg consistently and depending on traffic. Mine are mostly freeway miles and we go about 128 miles per day to work and back. I am approaching 300,000 miles. Good luck and post pictures when you get your new new Beetle!
  7. Veteran New Beetle Owner

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    I'll get some photos together and post - my poor workhorse NB is always the last to get photographed around my house!:(
  8. Howdy from TX

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    Welcome and great photo of your daughter!
  9. Veteran New Beetle Owner

    New Member Forum
    Hello, I'm a veteran New Beetle owner. I had a 98 black TDI and now my parents' 1999 red TDI. I am approaching 300,000 miles! I just had to put in a new fuel pump and my radio is on the way out so I'll be looking for a new radio to install as well as clean up my poor old girl; the 20th...