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  • Vwnbdrvr ·
    Hi Sue! How have you been? Long time no talk with. I hope you are well. Just a note to say hi. Miss Ya! Mark
    Beetlescott ·
    Hi Su, how are you doing? I had you on my mind today, I always think of you and Jonk when I start getting my ornaments out. I hope all is well with you and your family.
    Beetlescott ·
    Susan, I hope all is well with you and your family. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas & and Happy New Year!!! Drop by Nightowls sometimes and let's talk trek!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!

    AmyJane ·
    Thanks! Nah we didn't get front loaders. We were on a tight budget so we got the typical top efficient but not water efficient. I liked getting my laundry done fast too but one of the main things I hated was if there was something I wanted/needed to wear and it was dirty I was out of luck. And now that everything is clean I can just do my laundry leisurely, ya know? I don't have to waste a whole day every other week at the laundromat :D
    AmyJane ·
    You're welcome! I hope you have a great day! :)
    And thanks! I can't wait to get there! I think I'm more excited about this trip than I was my honeymoon. lol I'm going to have fun this time if it kills me! :lol:
    Fl_bug ·

    :oI was (and still am) super sick yesterday! I half remeber what I was saying but I distinctly remember saying something that got on yer nerves.:o

    :dance: Sorry Su!! :dance:
    4stroker ·
    Hi, I saw your post about the turbo beetle headlights and was wondering if you could explain the lights to me a little better. I have an 04 turbo beetle that had front end damage and I am rebuilding it. The headlights were damaged too badly to recognize them so I'm not sure what the turbo lights even look like or what they are supposed to do that it special. Thanks for your time. -Scott
    AmyJane ·
    Hey Su! Just wanted to let you know, my husband plugged the fan back in and it's working, so thanks! I was afraid that the older fans didnt work the same as the newer, as far as having plugs but I guess they do.
    Have a great weekend! :wave3:
    hestersu ·
    Most of those fans actually have a plug like any other appliance and an electrical plug in next to it. This would be behind the beauty plate that you see when looking up at the fan. The plug would be inside the housing. You might consider getting a step stool and popping off the trim and just look at it. If you see a plug, then you can plug it in. If not, see if there are wires that have been capped off. Use a flashlight with fresh batteries to see everything clearly. If it is wires that have been capped off, then you should have an electric panel in your apartment, probably in a closet, that you can flip the breakers until you kill the lights in the bathroom. Assuming there is a light fixture near the fan, if the light is dead, then the fan is dead. You can then match black to black and white to white and hopefully green to green and put the wire caps back on them restoring power. Additionally, take a wet rag and wipe down the little fan as good as you can. Most of the noise is usually from a dirty fan and being a unbalanced. Do it gently. Do a final wipe down with a little clorox & water. Oh - once you kill the power to the light/fan, turn the wall switch off on the safe side. The wall switch will insure there is no power to the fan. Clean the beauty trim to get rid of any dirt/mold. Turn the power back on and flip the wall switch. You should have a functioning fan. Put the trim back on and you are on your way. Let me know how it turns out. It's really a pretty easy fix.
    AmyJane ·
    Thanks, Su. I'm going to do that this weekend. I've been asking the office to have someone come and reconnect the bathroom fan because apparently it was too loud for the people before us, but they keep ignoring me :( I'm sure if that's not the main source of the mold that it isn't helping matters any.
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