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  • samdluv ·
    Hi, Santafeguy74 sent me to talk to u about my situation.
    not a large one:)
    Let me know if ur up for it.
    thanx, SAM
    shine on ·
    hi there...
    i am a beetle owner in toronto; shannon. my beetle was broken into last night and i was wondering who i should take it to in the city. the lock was drilled and the security system seems messed up. any ideas?
    Tesla ·
    Hi Ewa. Long time no see you. Summer is here and bug meets are in full swing. Last Sunday was great and this Sunday is going to be even better. Please follow the link for more info.
    Hope to see you soon.




    There is a HUGE VW meet thats going to be happening this Sunday April 26th. Our VW Beetle Owners Club is going to drive to that location this time for the cruise and join that meet for the rest of the night. We will be leaving our bug meet Location at Leslie and York Mills at 8:15pm. We will roll there and park in a row, in a section for Bug's only. It will be an awesome cruise down to the meet. Here is the location of the big meet thats going on.

    VWvortex Forums: Sunday Night Cruise & GTG - Monthly Edition

    WE will meet and drive from our York Mills and Leslie Location. (INFRONT OF MCDONALDS LIKE LAST TIME)...I will be there at 7pm and wait for everyone to come. if you are coming and are going to be late, please call me and let me know. See you bugs there! Thanks.

    My number is 416-832-1444.


    PS: If you haven't come out to the meet already, please make it for this one. They will be super-shocked to see a huge line of VW Beetle's come and crash their VW meet. We may also find other VW drivers there who we can tell about our weekly meet. See you on Sunday. Make sure you have enough fuel for the cruise.... Cuz that'd be embaressing to clunk out on the highway. lol. the cruise distance from our meet to the big meet is 31.2 Kilometers. and about 25 mins drive. I will have printed out directions for ppl who need them. But all you have to do is follow the bug infront of you in the cruise........ SEE YOU THERE!!!! Thanksss!!!
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