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  • AmyJane ·
    Wow! Imagine that! I didn't even google Larry Zeigler! I just googled Happy Birthday, Larry and that crazy pic came up! :lol: How weird? :)
    Married life is treating me very well. We're really happy. Even when things aren't going our way all the time :p
    I hope you had a great Birthday!
    And you also have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the heck out of the Holidays :frosty:
    AmyJane ·
    Hi Larry :) I don't know what I was thinking when I left the last post here on your page :eek: You never posted anything about in-n-out burger did ya? I think I had just gotten done reading a post from Warren when I wrote that. He was just out there on the left coast...and yeah. My brain is mush lately. :lol:
    AmyJane ·
    Lucky!! I just saw your In-N-Out Burger post :p I hope you're getting to do everything you wanted to!! :) Have a good trip!
    AmyJane ·
    Larry Larry Bo Barry Banana fanna fo Farry Fi Fo Mo Marry...LARRY!
    Hey Larry :)
    Hope you're having a good week!
    larryziegler ·
    TJ....I just returned from Dallas. Was there Sun-Weds as I had business meetings. Stayed at the Hyatt downtown next to Reunion tower and had 2 of my business partners also with me. I had absolutely no time for anything else....not even a Rangers or Cowboys game that would have been fun to go to. Had spare time been a given, I definitely would have let you know I was going to be in town. Same thing is going to apply when I go to Jacksonville and Atlanta next free time is in the cards, except the purpose to go to Atlanta is to drive out to Talladega and see the NASCAR race, then fly home afterwards.
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