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  • narley89 ·
    you recently posted a forum about replacing the secondary intake hose in your car. i was wondering where you ordered the part at and how much it was? i cant find the part anywhere.
    miffmole ·
    Here's the seller:
    eBay Feedback Profile for papsnme

    ...and the horn:
    HORN HELLA VW BEETLE KARMANN GHIA VANAGON VOLKSWAGON*CM:eBay Motors (item 260385775283 end time Nov-25-09 06:07:02 PST)
    miffmole ·
    (Re: It was loud enough for me but I think it's a personal thing. I was going to try that Hella one too. For what 15 bucks I'd give it a shot. Tell me how you like it if you go for it.)

    Since you asked...
    I installed the Hella horn today, and it is much louder, and I'm very pleased with it. While the other horn that I ordered from TVA sounded cute, this one is much louder and has more attitude. It's rated at 113 decibels. I'm not sure what the TVA horn was rated. I actually wondered if anyone would hear the TVA horn to avert an accident, especially in a traffic situation.

    The hella horn is larger, and just heavier duty and better built...and still has the Beetle sound.
    miffmole ·
    Is this something I can do myself? I have this horn (pic below). I can't get the old forum to work to see the how to :(

    Lnzbug, I bought that exact same horn that you have pictured, mine coming from TVA...
    Does your sound loud enough to suit you? I like the sound of mine, but I just wish it were louder. I adjusted the Philips screw to the loudest setting, but it still sounds a bit soto voce.

    Do you think the Hella horn might be louder? The seller claims 113 Db on this ad:

    HORN HELLA VW BEETLE KARMANN GHIA VANAGON VOLKSWAGON*CM:eBay Motors (item 260385775283 end time Oct-26-09 07:07:02 PDT)
    callisto9 ·
    I want to have another GTG, too. That one last year was SO AWESOME. I will have to put new tires on Curby soon as well as fix the trunk (doesn't latch well) and the passenger's window (slow to roll up, esp in winter). I'm just going to start calling those my "mods". LOL
    callisto9 ·
    Thanks Ellen! I am tired of putting money into him, to be honest! I want to enjoy some down time before the inevitable repairs begin!
    absolutely, it kinda stuck as the name of the car :]
    i was going to get plates, but its going to be 104.50 anually rather than 54.50.. kind of an unnecessary cost, so i'm just going to get a window decal X_X
    i've never been so 'silly' over a car but its just soo cute,it demands it! haha
    jdubvdub ·
    Break light went great, its so bright that I am now thinking it has never worked, I only noticed cuz of a big chrome grill behind me at the stoplight... I love it...
    Th1rt3en ·
    It was a business dinner, the company wanted to see if we were happy after our union was decertified. There are rumors of starting another union; I think they are just feeling/testing the waters to see if the rumor is true.
    my99vdub ·
    Agreed - and I think our old timers Milo and Rocky are showing little Diablo the "ropes" - poor, poor little Diablo :(
    Mazzzja ·
    Ellen, words were hard for me to write as I have no clue of how you feel (don't have a pet, if you can call a goldfish one...). For the near future I am not planning to go to CHI :( My brother will be flying to CHI on the 26th of this month with his girlfriend. They will go to Michigan and from there I believe to Canada, through the Niagara Falls (not literally...) back to CHI/Michigan to bring back the car.
    DannyRandomState ·
    You are very welcome. I know what it is you are going through.

    The project? I've only got 6 going at any given time! :crazy:

    Hi Ellen! :yaya:
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