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  1. 1998- PennyLane

    Photos: New Beetles
    Great Job!! I'm kinda partial to the red ones. If you want a quick fix for the front end to help hide those scrapes and that nose piece that is zip tied on try a Bra. Mine had some chips and scrapes from normal driving and the bra really made her look good.If you want an idea of what it would...
  2. Rosie

    Photos: New Beetles
    Awesome NB!! My NB is also called "Rosie" good to know my Rosie has sister out there :)
  3. Herbie Jr!! (HwDoYuSlpAtNite's 99 white beetle)

    Photos: New Beetles
    I gotta say your 99 looks way better than that 2012. I'm not a big fan of the 2012 (yet) getting away from the beetle look to much for me. But your Herbie Jr is very nice. I love the retro wheels and baby moon hubcaps.
  4. Olivia4564's 2003 Beetle GLX Turbo

    Photos: New Beetles
    Sweet looking bug. I love the wheels they look great. I am looking to add some new wheels to my Rosie soon (she has about 10,000 miles left on her current rubber) so I think that is when I will add new wheels and rubber at the same time. Welcome to the Org. by the way. I'm pretty new myself and...
  5. 2000 black betty

    Photos: New Beetles
    Nice bug you have there. When I bought mine I actually looked at a black one and that was name I was going to call her. Black Betty looks good.
  6. Clay bar waxing??????

    New Beetle Detailing/Cleaning
    I just use Windex as a lubricant if and when I run out of the bottle the clay bar came with. It seems to work just fine and the way I see it the clay bar is doing the work the lubricant just helps it slide along. Hasn't hurt my beetle's paint and the results are still the same and I've done it...
  7. For those with ugly, faded headlights..

    New Beetle Detailing/Cleaning
    Yep I also have a tube of toothpaste in my cleaning kit and Oh, I don't know, once a month during a wash and clean of the car I will do the headlights with it just to keep them looking good. My bug has set outside her whole life and her headlights look like new.
  8. How dirty is too dirty?

    New Beetle Detailing/Cleaning
    I do a wash once a week to include: Wash,Dry,Detail spray and wipe down exterior with a microfiber cloth, Vac inside, Clean tires and wheels and shine tires, Wipe down all interior, wash windows and armor all the bra (I know voids bra warranty but I HATE a dull bra). I also do what we called in...
  9. Our first New Beetle Cake!!!

    Ok, my hobbies involve collecting things other people have made. Guns,Knives,PEZ dispensers to name a few. In NO WAY do I have the talent to do what you do. Those cakes are amazing, I love the castle, rubiks cube and of course the beetle. I'll bet they taste as good as they look although I would...
  10. PEZ anyone?

    Other Hobbies
    So I thought I would post a few pics of my collection here. This isn't all of them, I also have over 100 that haven't been opened stored in drawers under the display case in the back.
  11. My New 2008 Beetle and my old 99 Beetle

    Photos: New Beetles
    Oh and I absolutely LOVE those wheels!!!
  12. We never really grow up.

    Miscellaneous Hoo-Ha
    Yesterday I was at work and the store I was touring was having a Bey Blade event. If you don't know what Bey Blades are (I didn't until yesterday) they are small tops that kids spin via this small device and a vinyl ripcord. The kids then drop the spinning tops in a plastic dome and watch as...
  13. Marty4th's Red 99 2.0 GL - Rosie

    Photos: New Beetles
    Well today I finished up the interior, it took a while to get the center dash out as I had to fabricate a tool to remove the stereo but after that it was a breeze. Paint went on well after I cleaned everything with alcohol, although the color isn't an exact match. I painted a paint stick and...
  14. New Beetle ads

    Miscellaneous Hoo-Ha
    these are great I have some new wallpaper now. Keep them coming.
  15. What key-chain do you carry??

    The New Beetle Experience
    Here is everything I carry. My switchblade, my VW key chain, House key, garage key and the blue thingy is my blood thinner pills (sucks to get old).