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  • Fl_bug ·
    sending PMs hasn't been working for me either...:( But yea, all has been going great! Titan is still running like a..... Titan :lol:

    I wanted to PM you when i was in ATL! I was in stone mountain for Thanksgiving! Gwinette county on Panola road and Ross Road at my aunt's home.
    Fl_bug ·
    Hey Michelle, i've been trying to send you back an email, but i keep getting this error message! Tried to send to your real email but, i get the same error.
    Karen1963 ·
    Read your post about the job losses at your employment...what kind of work do you do? I am so sorry about the anxiety this is causing you and your coworkers. Michelle, I will specifically pray that God will open the next door you are to go through so that you will be able to keep working. God bless you and all those dear folks.
    Angel0910 ·
    Bless your heart - you are such a sweet person! I'm WAYYY down on the other side of town haha
    I'm in Newnan, which is about 30 mins south of the Atlanta Airport. I do appreciate you being my eyes on that side of town tho - if the right one comes along, i'll take a taxi if I hafta! :)
    Angel0910 ·
    Oh I think I know the charcoal grey one you are talking about - saw it on Autotrader I think. My only challenge with that one has been getting someone to take me to that side of town haha
    I will google the Friendship road area and see if I can find the yellow one.. that would be a dream color for meh :)
    Thank you so much for keeping an eye out!
    ladytonya ·
    OMG, that is hilarious! The road that I live off of is off of Old Leicester Hwy. Anyway, I'd definitely like to hook up some time! What kind of GTG is this, more social or more technical? Also, are you staying Saturday night or just coming during the day on Saturday? Just curious about the GTG. Do you think someone might let me run a VAG-COM on Bullet even though he's not a diesel? That would be so awesome!
    Angel0910 ·
    That would be awesome!! Thank you!!
    I'm looking for an automatic - in good running condition (I don't know that much about cars). I pretty much like any color but silver. Just a preference. I have around 4k to spend. (I've had to rent a car, so my extra money has gone down). I'd also be willing to finance if it's a little more than that.

    Thank you tons! :)
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