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  • callisto9 ·
    Oh, I can believe it! I'm DONE with Iowa weather. Can't wait for it to be over...just got Curby bacl from the shop. $27! Hey, you on Facebook?
    Fl_bug ·
    Speaking of Titan, THIS is a must read!!!!!!

    I BEAT YOU TO IT!!!!! :lol:

    Btw, can you PM your number (for like the billionth time :lol:)? Got a few to chat? I can call you on my skpe!

    Oh on the blackberry, i prefer an android, but i wouldn't mind a blackberry! As long as it doesn't have that troublesome ball! My mom is about to be on trackball #3!

    I don't want to sign a contract... Thats my problem. Metropcs has me spoiled on that! BUT boost mobile and Tmobile don't have contacts either, so i'll start my phone shopping soon!
    Fl_bug ·
    Jake!!!! :wave3:

    I've been wanting to text you, but i haven't had a cell phone since 1/12/10...

    Hows everything?
    vdubing ·
    Hello. I was hoping you could help me. I was reading your post on changing your temp sensor out on your bug. Where the hell is it located at? Everyone talks about how easy it is but no one tells where its located. lmao. If you could help me out that would be great. Im having the same start up issues you had. Thanks!
    MrDub ·
    Hi, I'm looking for the pics you mentioned in a post you replied to about the interior mirror. I'd like better lighting in the cabin.
    Fl_bug ·
    lol! I love doing that for some strange reason... You've logged on pretty early today. Normally you're on toward the evenings.
    Fl_bug ·
    and you weren't.... :( But thats ok lol. You logged off 50minutes ago.

    Your NB seems very well equiped, Jake. That and you seem to have added every option! Is there something you specificaly wanted? My list is just up to sunroof, monsoon, and heated leather. Engine and tranny are an afterthought to me! You have the 2.0 right? Thats the one I want! Eek... Someone WANTS a 2.0....

    Goodluck with the maintenence. I hope you are able to get the waterpump done ASAP! Remember, waterpump and timing belt should be done simultaniously!

    :goodjob: Good Luck :goodjob:
    Fl_bug ·
    Thanks! Its nothing super serious, but just a change in interest rate. Thats all.

    I will also patiently wait. The NB is too nitpicky of a car to rush into. I gotta wait for the right one. Ok ttyl. I go to work at 7:30 and get off at 11. yup, no hours. See ya then if you're still on!
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