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  • Fl_bug ·
    Glad to see you're sticking out with George!!

    If both of us can stick it out like we have, ANYBODY can!!!
    70autostick ·
    Your a good lookin girl Randi, you look baller in the mk5, especially with a 6spd!

    Too bad your bug is draining your wallet, i hope things work out for the best.
    70autostick ·
    Wow,i had no idea you were a chick,i feel bad for talking like a dude all the time,lol.

    Nice pics,i got mine up today,finally :)
    Zuri ·
    Just thought I'd say hello. Whenever I see your usename it draws my attention since my name is also Randi. so Yay for Randi's who love NB's!
    Beetlecup ·
    Saw your post about meeting up. This Monday coming up 9/7/09 I'm heading to a Vdub meet in southern OKC. Starts at 7:30pm or so. It's also pretty casual, people come and go as they please. There are also other events coming up in OKC and Tulsa.
    Let me know if you want to head out there.
    Beetlemania ·
    I hope you're still going to be able to make it! PM or email me through the link if there's anything I can do to help. I've even got an extra seat if you can't bring George!
    SixChuter ·
    The meeting is actually Saturday....the 13th! I hope to see you there.

    We are staying at the Comfort Suites. I got a block of rooms for the group but they needed to be reserved by mid-May. :( I offered this block up to Howie (leader of the caravan) but he felt the price was too high ($85) so they have reserved another motel. Comfort Suites is a nice motel and since my wife and I are celebrating our 40th anniversary that weekend I rented a room there for us. Sorry that we didn't get to plan a bit earlier so you could have gotten in on the deal. I don't know if the block that Howie got is still available.

    Let me know what you decide about Wednesday night. If we don't see you Wednesday we will see you Thursday morning.

    I also hope to meet you this Saturday at the club meeting. Keep us posted on your plans.

    SixChuter ·
    Hi Randi! Jacob is right, we are going to go over to OKC Wednesday evening. What are your plans for the Roswell trip? Just over 2 weeks to go and I am jazzed! This should be a memory making trip.
    Beetlemania ·
    Sweet! See you there! I'm probably heading to OKC early that morning, and I think SixShooter is going up the night before. Which day you planning on joining them?
    scarabY2k ·
    Nice pic of George in the snow.... thanks. You need to make a Christmas Card out of that pic for next year:)

    :yaya:Hi Randi!!
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