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  1. Are there any good websites for collecting NB memborabilla??

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    Contact Bugman here on the Org. Jerry goes to quite a few shows. No only does he sell New Beetle memorabilia , but he has a really awesome collection himself.
  2. Since Im new.....Where you from?

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    I'm Rick from the San Fernando Valley, California. I drive a '99 Black GLS named Buffy.
  3. Bugfest/toledo 9/20/09

    Photos: Get Togethers
    Bummed that I missed the one. Where was I that day......Oh yea I was at the beach with all those hot little bikini babes!!!;)
  4. My saddest post so far.....

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    Sorry to read about Mischief, Bob! I hate to think what it would feel like if our Oliver was ill. Oliver is a Carin Terrier as well. Mischief is in our thoughts.
  5. Happy Birthday, Netty310!!!

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    :bestwish::gift::party:Happy Birthday, Annette!!:party::gift::bestwish: Hope you have a great day!!!
  6. please please PLEASE!

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    Congrats Amanda! I hope you hear from the Sheriff's Department soon.
  7. Happy Birthday Alan From NYC!!

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    :bestwish::gift::party: Happy Birthday, Alan!! :party::gift::bestwish:
  8. Happy Birthday, jdesigns!!!!

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    :bestwish::gift::party: Happy Birthday, Justin!!!! :party::toast::gift::bestwish:
  9. CyberGreenBaby (and Hubby) invade Las Vegas! Sept 13th-20th, 2009

    USA: West
    Like Brother, Like Sister;)
  10. Happy Birthday MentalVdub!

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    Dang!!! I can't believe I missed your birthday!!! Happy Belated Birthday Amanda!!!! We need to make some plans to get together!!!
  11. CyberGreenBaby (and Hubby) invade Las Vegas! Sept 13th-20th, 2009

    USA: West
    September.........Hmmmm gonna have to start saving money!!! It would be great to see you & Vinny again!!! Does that mean some Patron will be had???
  12. Happy Birthday Beetlemania!

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    Happy Birthday, Jacob!!!
  13. this is why !

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    Poor Jerry, I feel for you. And you wondered why I moved back to California!!!:rolleyes: Maybe you should have the Daytona 500 GTG out here! If you get snowed in maybe you'll be able to get the bug bouquet done.:dunno: LOL:)
  14. Terbie is going bye bye

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    Sorry to hear this Beth, but I understand what with all the problems you had with Terbie. An Altima would make a good, reliable choice. We had one when we were in Ohio. Kay loved it! For me it wasn't as fun as driving Buffy, but it was a very stylish looking and extremely dependable vehicle...
  15. Happy Birthday, Papa Bug!!!!

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    Thanks Everyone!! Amy, that's Ingrid, met her in England during Desert Storm, boy she hasn't aged a bit. Thanks for sending her well wishes. When did you get a pictures of my cake? Took me a half hour to blow out the candles!!! LOL Seriously so far it's been a great day. Spent the first part at...