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  1. Problem.

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    I'm a retard and ripped my fuel door completely off the car because my release switch is shorted out and i was out of gas... so in trying to simply open the door by hand, i ripped the damn thing clean off. How do you replace that? Anyone know? This website is hard to keep track of so email me if...
  2. Heres an idea

    Miscellaneous Hoo-Ha
    Okay guys you know how say, Jeep drivers and Mini Cooper drivers and motorcycle riders all wave at eachother or nod as they pass by? Well... why not for NB drivers? Or all Bug/Beetle/New Beetle/Type 1 drivers? Or just plain Volkswagen drivers in general???? Lets start right now haha this is...
  3. Freaky Beetle • 1981 • DeLorean • DMC-12

    Photos: Other Rides
    Coke is delicious haha And i know i've close to five years late, but, BEAUTIFUL CAR! i love those
  4. Laycee

    Photos: New Beetles
    Niiice! I really like that color. The tint looks awesome to! Now you just need some black/silver lip rims ;) haha
  5. hello

    New Member Forum
    Welcome to the site! :) I'll start ya off right, the New Beetle is nothing like the old one except for the retro styling and stuff.. You probably already know this, but it's actually built on the Golf platform. And the Golf is a great little car. Volkswagens are stinkin reliable as far as i'm...
  6. My '98 New Beetle

    Photos: New Beetles
    well thppt. it looked like the orange in the pic haha :P
  7. one less bug for the scrapper....

    Photos: New Beetles
    good luck to ya! and welcome! make something unique out of it. poke around the site and you'll see some sweet Bugs :)
  8. SMG: Y2K Cyber Green - 2.0T

    Photos: New Beetles
    sweet man! That sounds pretty close to what i was thinking about doing. Do you have fender rub when you turn tho?
  9. SMG: Y2K Cyber Green - 2.0T

    Photos: New Beetles
    frick man those Audi rims look smashing to. I'm not a fan of the big bling look, but those rims are perfect. love the stance. what kit did you use? thats EXACTLY the stance i want to give my Bug. just awesome dude great job. Your car is proof that this is a dude car to :) haha What suspension...
  10. SMG: Y2K Cyber Green - 2.0T

    Photos: New Beetles
    man i love that color. DANG nice! looks really good. I've actually never seen one that green in real life. i always see the other green that i don't like as much ha
  11. My '98 New Beetle

    Photos: New Beetles
  12. My 2002 Beetle GLX 1.8 T

    Photos: New Beetles
    get some like mine!!! black with silver lip 17 inchers ;) check out my bug man i think you'll like it haha course all the Bugs on here are sweet!
  13. Do you love your beetle?

    New Member Forum
    haha man, i think that just the very fact that this forum even exists is because we love our New Beetles :) i hope somebody else hasn't said that already but i'm to lazy to look through the posts lol :guitar:
  14. Dev's 2000 GLX 1.8T

    Photos: New Beetles
    Haha thanks guys! Btw, thats my lil bro in that pic, not me haha :P not that it matters. Coverin the Bug with leaves was fun though i was going to do it again this last fall but i didn't have time before all the leaves rotted/got raked up and tossed
  15. 2000 1.8 turbo glx

    Photos: New Beetles
    Nice man!! I see you live in Florida! i'm a big fan of no plates on the front haha i hate those! in Washington here we have to have plates but not tabs on the front its lame. nice stinkin car tho! like the rims :)