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  1. Shamrockez - Red Retro 98 TDi

    Photos: New Beetles
  2. phope's 03 Platinum 1.8t

    Photos: New Beetles
    Found a Turbo S gearshifter on ebay going cheap....will fit tomorrow, but as mine is a 5 speed, needed to change the shift pattern over...5 min job :) Removed the logo from the old's in two parts, splitting of which accounted for 4 of the 5 minutes :D Removed the logo from the...
  3. Cool VW tv ad

    Miscellaneous Hoo-Ha Archive Click on here, and you can also download a Quicktime version too - lots and lots of VWs, old and new :)
  4. How much are you paying for gas now?

    Miscellaneous Hoo-Ha Archive
    oh, about USD 1.80 for a litre of 95 octane, perhaps USD 2.00 for 98 octane :(
  5. one polished bug

    Photos: New Beetles
    very clean :D...puts mine to shame at the moment!
  6. NYBugman - 2000 Batik Blue GLS 1.8T

    Photos: New Beetles
    great job :)
  7. Sukhoidave's Black 2000 1.8 Turbo GLX

    Photos: New Beetles
    really original - I like :)
  8. phope's 03 Platinum 1.8t

    Photos: New Beetles
    Just playing with my new camera :)
  9. Pulgamovil´s NB 2002 Turbo Sport

    Photos: New Beetles
    very nice :) - any problems from the wheels protruding from the arches?
  10. What groovy Beetle things do you own that others may not

    Miscellaneous Hoo-Ha Archive
    Quite a few mint condition press kits, including Concept 1, Tokyo Concept Beetle, Ragster, concept RSI, production RSI,. 2 sealed $5 canadian phone cards from 1998 featuring New Beetle Many brochures from 98 onwards, for UK, US and German models, including rare english version of RSI brochure...
  11. YELOJKT- 2000 reflex yellow 1.8T GLS

    Photos: New Beetles
    Great pics :D
  12. Web sit to draw Bug, Bus, Porsche???

    Photos: New Beetles
  13. thought i'd share my Bug with you all...

    Photos: New Beetles
    Technically illegal here in the UK, but it still looks cool :cool::D
  14. phope's 03 Platinum 1.8t

    Photos: New Beetles
    Finally remembered to post pics of the drop :cool: Just a 35mm drop...nothing too silly...perfect for the roads round here It's not the drop that is the best's the fact that the Beetle finally handles :D The Koni yellow sports dampers have made such a difference...driving...
  15. phope's 03 Platinum 1.8t

    Photos: New Beetles
    Yep, SEGA Outrun :)