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  • Chuckie ·
    Hi Al,

    Can we make the Great VW Cross Country Race a topic under events? It looks like it os going to be a very cool nation wide event. It's put on by Gail Love. The same guy who did Jingle Bugs Rock. Thanks

    scarabY2k · ·
    Hey Chuckie,
    Sorry for the late reply. I haven't been on the org in a minute. I'm back with major culture shock...they revamped the org!!! I feel like a newbie, trying to figure out the org all over again. I take it the rally has come and gone. If not, It wont hurt to start an event thread.
    let me know if I can help,
    TampaDub ·
    Still doing the bug thing? How have you been? My powder dies 5 years ago. Tranny when out at 55,000. GARBAGE. My new ride is a Mini Cooper. I love it. Glad there are still die hard bug owners.....enjoy!
    scarabY2k ·
    Chef, you won't be a crasher Have beetle, will travel. We'd love to have you regardless of what time you show up.
    Chef Nails ·
    Hi Scarab,
    Hope you and Cup are doing well. I have been trying to make time so that I can attend TOD this year and it looks like it's going to be down to the wire. I have a whole crew depending on me coming from out of state, so what time we are able to wrap up this week will determine whether or not I can make it. I may be heading that way hard and heavy at the last minute to attend the event. If I am able to head that way I will give someone you a heads up - I respect the NB community a lot so I don't want to be a crasher.

    Hopefully i'll make it and see you there,
    70autostick ·
    Hey hey, been a while. Ill have you know ill be behind the wheel of a silver '01 nb come January when I get back into school. Looking forward to seeing you guys again, Chelsea, Huck, and all the new guys since last year. Missed ya dude, peace mang. ;)
    bugfreak ·
    Hey. Wadaap! Still toxin the Pookie-mobile here. Just haven't been on the org.Good to know i'm still remembered here and good to hear from you.
    mybugrocks ·
    Oh, that is good news :D I have got to move east, you guys are so much more active than us Westerners ;) My brat is doing well, there are some new pics up on her thread, she better behave after what I did for her haha...well I hope you have fun in South Carolina, wish I could go!!!!
    Fl_bug ·
    (QUOTE=scarabY2k I couldn't imagine me having another beetle than Cup.)

    Yes you can! A second beetle for Val silly! Did you forget the mission? :rant2:
    AmyJane ·
    Thanks, Al!! It's a good feeling :) I got the lien release paperwork in the mail the other day. Now I just have to go to the DMV and have the lien released :clap:
    And Skittle is all girl :wink:
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