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  • AmyJane ·

    Yep. My boys are gonna be snackin' on some Philly cheesesteaks after they kick some Philly butt! :D :wink:
    miffmole ·
    No, because you can only play back one V-Track at a time per each track. What you can do, and what I often do, is to record all the way across 1-8 and just merge them on two side by side V-Tracks elsewhere (if you want stereo, and why wouldn't you?).
    miffmole ·
    With the BR1600CD virtual tracks, you basically have 16 tracks. On each individual track, you have the initial track, with 15 more tracks under in Track 1-1, Track 1-2, Track 1-3, and so forth up to Track 1-16. All of the other tracks have the same situation, Track 2-1, Track 2-2, etc. 256 all together.

    However, you can only play one track from 1, one track from 2, etc. at a time. So, they're all there but you can only play one each Track (from 1 through 16) at a time. Does that make sense?

    One nice thing about the V-Tracks is, say you have a guitar solo on track 7...You could do as many as 16 takes on Track 7 (using the V-Tracks) without having to erase anything. I have even used parts of the best parts of several takes to build one take.

    Actually, you *can* do a lot of pre-mixing to get more mileage out of your tracks. I'll often record, say eight vocal background tracks, mix those down to 2 tracks (for stereo), thus freeing up 6 tracks.

    I've used MIDI to record my keyboard tracks as audio files. That way, they'll be in synch with the measure numbers on the Boss.
    thorgipsy ·
    I was listening to Dangerous Type just the other day! One of my faves.
    We have a 5guys here that opened this summer. Great burgers!
    elancee ·
    I've been curious since I first arrived here what "Scarab" meant. Just now googled and got
    "- A beetle of the family Scarabaeidae" from wikipedia.
    Very neat! "Elancee" is the female of "slender" in french (male ends in one 'e'). Had I thought of it earlier, I could've been coléoptère :D
    elancee ·
    Hi, Al! For some reason, I feel presumptuous calling ppl by their given names on forums until I'm invited to. And I'm slow to give out my name, hope that's okay. :)
    miffmole ·
    Check out the product videos on this page...
    BOSS U.S. - BR-1600CD: Digital Recorder

    I must have watched the one by CJ Jones a dozen times before I bought mine.
    miffmole ·
    Yes, I think Boss and Roland are the same...
    No, I had no engineering experience at all. Zilch. The BR1600CD is extremely intuitive and user-friendly. There is a learning curve to anything, but I've found this unit to be fairly easy to work with from a novice point of view.
    Here is a good vocal-only clip of one of my recordings that shows what this machine can do:
    This clip is mixed with instruments on the song itself, so it's not an a capella song...just an example.
    CoriBug ·
    Sunday, Monday, Tuesday for the games. We're trying to help you as much as possible so we'll have a good game, not too boring!
    CoriBug ·
    Looks like your Phillies will get a reprieve!! Have you heard about how they're going to re-schedule?? A double header tomorrow perhaps?
    miffmole ·
    I did a little tweaking with Audacity, but everything else you're hearing is straight out of the BR1600CD. 40 gig hard drive, 16 channels (256 virtual tracks but you can only play 16 at a time), 8 XLR inputs, all effects that you hear (reverb, guitar effects, compression, etc., etc., all mixing). I'm actually playing an acoustic guitar when you *hear* electric, except for a few cases like "Jehovah-jireh."

    When you're all done, it burns a CD with its own built-in CD burner.

    Lots of help here:
    BR1600 : BR1600 (Digital Recording Studio)
    miffmole ·
    Thanks, Al. I appreciate that...
    Most of the lyrics are written by Lisa Chaddock of San Diego (see About Lisa Chaddock). We have an interesting relationship. We've never met face to face. I've spoken to her twice on the phone, though. She originally e-mailed me through an old site I had.

    Here's what I record on:
    Boss BR1600CD Digital Recorder with CD Recorder | Full Compass
    I only paid $1170 for mine new in 2005. It's been one of the best investments I've ever made. Loads of features and 16 tracks.
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