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  • beej ·
    You had your boxing gloves on at ToD? Never would have guessed. You seemed to be the sweetest and most mellow guy there. Loved the car too, I would never have the patience for the buildup and maintenance, but absolutely love staring at it.
    Bug1953 ·
    Hi, Severe: I just bought my NBC yesterday. It's a 2006 in Harvest Moon. Really cool car. Yours is really sharp!! Best of luck!! Send me a message anytime..
    porschtrimr ·
    cheers for the comments mate glad to see someone else feels the same
    ,seems to me theres to much bitchin, i have strong opinions as much as the next guy,but i can appreciate a cool car even if its not my exact taste!!thats what makes the dub scene so cool
    thought we were all on here cos we dig beetles not to snipe at people who dont follow the rules!!
    yeah would be good to hit your side of the pond too, a friend was over a few weeks ago for the winterfest at daytona and said it was awesome.
    i will get over there to a show if it kills me,would love to hit h20 or pomona
    we have some pretty cool shows over here,ultimate dubs is the big opener,then bug jam is the big air cooled show,and edition 38 is pretty much the best water cooled event of the year,usually held on the same weekend as vw action which is nearby at the santa pod dragstrip
    get ya ass over and check out how we roll
    take it easy
    The Cheat ·
    all beetles are considered to be on the mk4 chassis.

    bagyard is good, but mason-tech in my opinion is the best. :)
    kiya ·
    Hi there, i am from Singapore. you have the nicest rim that i have seen so far. It is awesome !! Do you mind sharing what is the brand of the rim or ? My email is [email protected] Hope to hear from you, thank you.
    buckbeetle ·
    Hey there. I had to create that sweatshirt with my own file. It is pretty easy to do. You just upload the jpg file and place it on the shirt where you want it. If you send me an email, I will reply with the file to use.
    The website is

    If I ever bring my vert to Florida, we could be salt and pepper bugs, LOL
    yoyorob ·
    love the wide are your wheels? any spacers? rubbing? would love to go big but i've got a 80 mile commute round trip and am afraid of having issues.......but, sweet ride!
    Genesis ·
    You have one AWESOME looking bug. Mine is still in the project mode, but I hope to have a head turner like yours one day. Shake dem haters off.
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