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  • Oh Randi ·
    I am truly speechless... Sending love and prayers to your family. Words cannot say how much you will be missed. :cry:
    Fl_bug ·
    After you get the links to his page, just cut it.

    Type out what you want it to say. Highlight the text and then press the Hyperlink button (globe w/ chains).

    Delete the text in the popup box and then paste the link inside. All done!
    Beetlecup ·
    Not well actually. 16.500-1/4time @ 85.860mph. Which is not bad, I know I can do better. I had a hard time dropping the clutch hard off the time, which didn't help, with the time.
    Beetlecup ·
    O that's Great!. I'm getting a Hotel up there for the night. So I can go to the tulsa drag strip the next day. Can't wait, should be two days of wholesome VW fun. Hope you can make it to the tulsa drag strip to watch, if you want.
    Beetlecup ·
    Just sent out my car registration today for the car show. Put it in the stock newbeetle class. Hope to park next to you! Tulsa here I come!
    momcarole ·
    Thank you so much! We've had so much fun driving around all weekend. I want to give her a good wash and then I'll take some decent pictures. I told my husband tonight when we were out driving around that all other cars just look boring to me now!!
    Beetlecup ·
    Hi Jon,
    It was a pleasure meeting you and your wife. Thanks again for the pizza, I really appreciated it. I'm planning to come up for the September car show. Plus it was awesome to see your triple-W.
    Can't wait to do it again.
    Oh Randi ·
    Meeting June 14th at Hardesty?

    I was going to head there Thursday morning, but I've decided to spend all day Wednesday in OKC because 1.) I need to take a placement test @ OU that morning and 2.) I want to ride the boat at bricktown! I was there today and the friend I'm taking to Roswell with me decided to just come back and do all of it that day. Including the indoor rock wall we saw. :) It's like a mini-vacation before the real fun begins.

    What hotel are you staying at Wednesday night? And how much does it cost? I need an idea of what I need to save up.
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