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  • shellbug ·
    I think I saw you the other morning on Washington Rd about 8 am. I was about 3 cars back on Old Evans. Hope all is well with you!
    wilky ·
    yoohoo wake up brother. over a month sence you last signed on???? nothing happend to da bug did it? check out the sticker thread in the TOD section when you get back on here. hope you can make it out for the next one.
    scarabY2k ·
    Hey Sully- Glad to be in friend status with you:bigthumb:. You're good people and it was a pleasure meeting you at the GTG. wish we had more time, but i know how it is when the 'hubby timer' reads 0:00:lol:. Let's keep in touch man:cool:
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