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  • scarabY2k ·
    No joke. You crossed my mind a couple weeks ago. I was thinking about the Tampa GtG we had, and how cool it was, even for a few of us.
    Great hearing from you. Hope all is well with you.
    Yep, still have Cup. I did a 5-speed swap on her last year. Her auto tranny died too @ 165,000 miles. She's parked right now getting a few other issues worked out. I bought Chino, a 2013 Beetle, last August. She's treating me pretty good and the 2012+ Beetles are a vast improvement than the new beetles were, especially the auto transmissions, LOL.

    Sad to see Powder go. You pot some great work into that baby- one good looking beetle. Still, the Mini is a pretty cool ride as well. I hope you continue to enjoy it.

    Thanks for checking in. It's been too long. Please keep in touch.

    All the best!
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