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  • Beetlescott ·
    Hey Rob, how are things going? I saw a post somewhere you were in Tennessee, or passing through. Hows your beautiful buggy doing? Take care!!!

    opyx ·
    Hi, I'm getting the same ATP Classic rims you have on your NB, but one of the hubcaps are missing. It's the original hubcaps with the "ATP" logo in the center. I'm hoping you know a place to get new hubcaps or the same ones you have? I've searched all over. You are my last hope. Thanks!
    TechnoTrix'd ·
    I'm such a dooob... Never put a shout-out here. So, here goes.

    VDubb'n is a great way to go from one place to the next. You meet some great people, and those heated seats aren't bad either... :lol:

    Thanks for stopping by. :wave: If your in the greater Philadelphia area, feel free to PM me and maybe we can swing a lunch just to meet and say "hey".

    Keep on Dub'n!!
    CA Solt ·
    Hey -I'm slightly confused...what is this link?
    I don't like the org too much anymore, so I'm not on enough to be hep to this stuff.
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