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  • absolutky ·
    hello i saw a post of yours in the show you wheels post. the wheels are black and chrome on a green beetle. I just bought a beetle and im looking for those wheels but havent had any luck finding them where did you get those?
    mloeks76 ·
    hi...I am wondering if you could help me, being a mechanic.
    I just bought my 2002 Turbo S about a month ago. One of the things I seem to need to replace is the coolant temperature sensor.
    I can't find g12 around here...which makes me concerned that a previous owner may have used something other than g12. I just want to ensure they didn't use the Dexcool pink as lots of people keep recommending I purchase that, even a local mechanic!
    I've read up not to I want to be extra careful and be sure that the pink coolant is in fact g12. Is there another way to tell besides color?
    Sorry if this seems like a stupid question...I can't afford any big costs with planning for a water pump/timing belt right now.
    Severe ·
    Tried to leave a PM, had issues. I'm bout to get a kit from Bagyard for my '07 NBC. Anything you can advise me about to look forward to or be aware of please advise. Thanx in advance... Also, do you know what suspension my car is considered? MKI,II,III or whatever...
    13angelfish ·
    Hi, Shawn in Seattle. Thats EXACTLY the wheel look I want for my '04 convertible! Can you give me the particulars? I assume its a 16in steelie,(I'd like to go 18 but can't find 'em.) And are the "Hubs & Rings" vintage or new? I wasn't sure which to look for. I'd reeally Dig the info. I'm goin' for a Retro-Cali-Beach look. S
    AbuNigel ·
    soo, you don't have those wheels do you? lol
    it's ok if you don't man. just be real wit me if that's the case :p
    Toad ·
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    kate_the_valkyrie ·
    Sorry mty phone died when you called me. I presumed to get drunk and haven't charged my phone since. I'm having a very bad turkey day. I hope yours is going well. Take care darling. Talk to you laters.
    anitx ·
    Sorry I had to cut our convo short last night. I literally had just pulled up to a meet!

    ...and I'm out of cell minutes until the 25! You can still text me though!! :D
    SpoolinS6 ·
    Dude, Justin, want me to keep posting up stuff telling people how you screwed me over with these Audi parts or are you finally going to man up, stop making excuses, and pay me?
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