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  • Tommy ·
    It will pop up eventually I hope.
    I think if it's stuck in customs, they should send it back or so?

    Will keep you informed!
    Happy New Year!
    digitalputty ·
    I hope it is stuck in customs. Nothing weird in there though that would pose a 'threat'. Hrmmm.....

    Yeah, had to fill out forms that said what was included in the box. :(

    I hope you get it soon ... if you don't ... let me know. I will try to send you something else.
    higueras ·
    Hello Tommy!
    Hola Tommy!

    My name is Carlos and I live in Ohio(USA).
    I want to congratulate you for "Chilli" as it is a really hot looking car car. I am green with envy since VW America does not offer the same wide choices in engines/interior colors as VW Europe does. I would love to have a TDI Bettle Cabrio as well and look as cool as you do.
    "Chilli" would draw plenty of look and compliments here in USA.
    What happend with your previous '04 Cabrio "Shadow"? I've also seen "Shadow" photos and it is an awsome looking car.

    Take good care and do please post more photos of "Chilli".
    Tommy ·
    Hey Bette

    I am doing pretty fine thanks, hope you feel the same?
    Yes, I am enjoying my new apartment. It's very nice, takes some time to adapt to the 'single' life, as there is no one there when you come home from work, or when you wake up, etc..

    But I manage :D
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