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  • Steve_pnchbug ·
    Hey just wanted to send you a message and tell you that I'm sorry but I wont be making it ToD. I have ran up on financial problems and cant make the trip. Im really sorry but I thing that Fl_bug is still going and has my room so far.
    Mazzzja ·
    Hi Gary, unfortunately I'm not able to go to the ToD :cry: . I'm very sad about that, but a new job opportunity happened to me, which is more important to me than a great GTG. Hopefully we will meet some other time? Thank you for all your patience and for organising this whole event.
    scarabY2k ·
    :lol:Love the discordant joke:lol:

    Val says happy Valentine's Day to you and Denise and to tell Squirt hello:wave2:
    AmyJane ·
    :roflmao: I love your deodorant joke! I wish we could still comment on jokes but some people were using that to get their post count up. Stupid post whores! "Says the girl with more posts than anyone one the .org by about 2 or 3,000" :eek: :lol:
    Hi Gary!! Is it May yet? :lol:
    Fritznbud ·
    Hey there Gary, My '60 Ambassador is a custom with all the chrome, and they all had 327's but this one has the 196 6 with factory a/c. 82K miles and this car fired right up without even a carb rebuild. How do i post pics? I have one's that will fit thanks to the re-sizing info but find no attachment buttons. I'll try at my page here. Hope all is well with you and yours. Fritz
    Beetlescott ·
    The best vehicle I ever owned (twice) was a 79 Transporter Bus. I sold it and bought it back a year later! I also owned a 71,76 and an 80 Vanagon. Ah the memories! Great talking to a Bus lover! Be nice to meet you too!
    MichelleRoze ·
    Don't worry about the wing. Someone on the TDIclub offered to pick it up for me. They're heading out Friday morning. :) Thanks for trying though! I can't wait to get it on though! Yeah, don't know why we weren't buddies a LONG time ago haha
    HwDoYuSlpAtNite ·
    Oh we won't want snow... that's one thing that's a requirement when we move. LOL No snow other than the freak snow showers that mother nature sometimes throws out maybe.
    We can't wait to move either! We just gotta figure out what area works out best for us. :D
    chiltepin ·
    Ewww to what? The PT Cruiser? The cat? The Porsche? The stupid Fiat joke? (I had thought it came from the Latin "Fiat lux," Let there be light.)
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