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  1. changing radiator

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    good job bud...all the right things....
  2. changing radiator

    1.8 Liter Turbo
  3. New Look for the new beetle site

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    Looks great guys!..awesome!
  4. Coolant leak check( cold water)

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    Re:coolant leak Billy...Thanks for the info..I looked everywhere for something like you posted.I found nothing( even on utube)...That's exactly what I needed & just ordered the stant for my bug( I also have the stant conventional tester)You reall come thru with the info needed on...
  5. Coolant leak check( cold water)

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    How do you pressurize coolant system on a 2008 beetle 2.5 engine....I have a radiator cap adapter to check a conventional coolant system. ...No rad cap on the new cars......thnx in advance
  6. Fuel filter location

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    Re:Fuel filter Billy I haven't done anything yet with this Yet....It was exploratory ...My local volks shop insisited it was along underside at left rear of car around left rear wheel well...I looked & looked ...nothing...They said it might be covered by a panel....The filter sits way below...
  7. Fuel filter location

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    Fuel Filter 2008 Beetle vert (BPR) Billy -This is a photo of my bug with filter in fuel tank ....
  8. Fuel filter location

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    Re:fuel filter Thanks billy...I guess the filter is on top of tank under back seat?
  9. Fuel filter location

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    Re; Fuel filter I have a 2008 beetle Convertible...I have the BPR engine ...Where is my fuel filter?
  10. Cleaning engine & engine compartment

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    Any suggestions on doing this?.I have heard pros & cons on this.. Mine is not greasy or bad dirty just need to get 11 yrs of dust & wht have you off & clean it a bit......I'ave heard super clean engine cleaner is good.....thnx in advance....
  11. Replacement Floor Mats

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    Anyone know who sells STock front floor mats 2008 bug convertible?....No aftermarket....
  12. A/C sow to cool

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    Re:AC Slow to cool What does the thermostat have to do with the air cond not comming on ?Or Slow to come on ...Like mine......
  13. trunk light

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Re:Trunk light Lots a feed back on this...Heres my 2 cents...I have a 2008 beetle vert...& have had a few issuies with the wiring back there in trunk area. I"ve had very little problms with the car (Beetle) except the trunk area...My dome/trunk light went out a few months ago(10/17)...& the...
  14. Oil leak(small) from the filter housing.

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    Re:oil filter leaking Good info Billymade....Mine has been "seaping" for awhile now...I just ordered your refearal to ECS on the aluminum housing u mentioed...I surely hopes tht takes care of it....I know ECs is a good supplier ...right?
  15. Need help ! Alternator replace 2006 2.5L gas Beetle

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    Re:Alternator This is probally a job to put car in front clip service postion...The front clip of bug slids foward just a bit to do job......