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  1. T.O.D.9 2017 Tail Of The Dragon Promo & Planning thread

    Tail of the Dragon
    I'm friends with a few of y'all on FB... I'm considering going this year. If anyone is unable to make it and needs to get rid of their room, let me know. That might persuade me to do it . ;)
  2. TSD 2015 Planning Thread

    Talimena Scenic Drive
    Get a different job so we can have it in November :p It really doesn't matter what weekend we decide. People have to make the commitment to be there. Ah well. But like you said, a lot of things were out of our control (like the weather, which is Kevin's fault) and people's other engagements...
  3. Talimena Scenic

    Talimena Scenic Drive
    After the trek to BFE to retrieve Danny and the extremely scenic route all over gods green earth, I am exhausted and going to sleep! Breakfast, everyone meet at 8:30 at the Days Inn. Unless they run out of food again. Then we will go from there. Haha! We will probably get rained on, so no use...
  4. Talimena Scenic

    Talimena Scenic Drive
    Be safe!! We'll see you later! Done! on fb.. haha. I'll keep everyone posted but it looks like I'll be there around 7. :D
  5. Talimena Scenic

    Talimena Scenic Drive
    If you do, let me know. It's even prettier in November. Lots more traffic though.
  6. Talimena Scenic

    Talimena Scenic Drive
    I'm sorry to hear that, Ana. You will be missed but we understand. :( Anyone want to caravan from OK? I should be out of work by 1 ish if anyone wants to meet up. Kat? I won't get lost this time! haha
  7. Talimena Scenic

    Talimena Scenic Drive
    Hey my birthday is the 11th, but I hate the birthday song so please don't sing to me. ;) I have no idea what time I'm heading out. But I should be there Friday night at the latest. I can't wait to see everyone!! George got new tires, and oil and plug change, and a light cleaning yesterday...
  8. Talimena Scenic

    Talimena Scenic Drive
    Yep. I think mine was like 80. or 89. I don't remember.
  9. Talimena Scenic

    Talimena Scenic Drive
    I have no idea what all this nonsense is in the above posts... but.. I'll be leaving after work Friday (hopefully) which would put me being there around 8. Better late than never, I guess. I doubt I'll be able to get out early like I did last year. But I won't know for sure until closer to the...
  10. Talimena Scenic

    Talimena Scenic Drive
    So did I miss something or are you going again?? I hope you can make it! ... I hope I can make it haha.
  11. Talimena Scenic

    Talimena Scenic Drive
    I'll be there still.. hopefully. Haha. I have REAC at my work that week.. and I absolutely cannot miss that. They would schedule it that week. Anyone familiar with HUD knows REAC is kind of a big deal lol. I've been told I will not get any weekends off until the end of October.. I'll see what I...
  12. George Yellow 2001 GLS

    Photos: New Beetles
    I threw a CEL for 17526/P1118/004376 - Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor Heating; B1 S2: Open Circuit Well, this explains a lot. Also, the welds near the silencer on my exhaust are done. I suspect the movement is what ripped loose the O2 sensor wiring. IDK. Hopefully I'll make it to the shop...
  13. Have you run into this at VW shows?

    The New Beetle Experience
    Maybe so, but that's just not the way I see it. I have never cared about having a show quality car though. And it really doesn't bother me that some don't have respect for beetles. To each his own. Life isn't fair. I enjoy it, that's enough for me.
  14. New stereo - Do I have everything?

    Car Audio
    Blue/white is for an amp, solid blue is for a power antenna. Cap them both off, you won't need them. Unless I missed something and you have an amp.
  15. Have you run into this at VW shows?

    The New Beetle Experience
    This is why I don't show. Ever. I just show up for friends and a good time. Never disappointed this way. Also, it helps to drive a turd that I know wouldn't win anything anyway. ;)
  16. Talimena Scenic

    Talimena Scenic Drive
    Boo! Maybe we can catch up tomorrow or something. I'm not sure what my agenda will be lol
  17. Talimena Scenic

    Talimena Scenic Drive
    I'm headed to Poteau tonight at 7. I'll be running through, maybe scoping out some food joints and such. :D
  18. Rebuilding a steering rack

    2.0 Liter Gas
    IMO, it isn't worth rebuilding, they aren't really meant to be rebuilt. Just my .02 I ordered a new one from a local parts store. Why? Because lifetime warranty is why. haha. It's been about a year now, so far so good.. and I'm not easy on it, by any means.
  19. Talimena Scenic

    Talimena Scenic Drive
    I'm with Chuckie on this one... I refuse to accept a shirt I did not pay for sir. Do you have paypal? :D 94 DAYS Y'ALL!!! I'm getting excited!!
  20. Talimena Scenic

    Talimena Scenic Drive
    She just told me this morning. You have to remember, most of us aren't on the org very often. But anyway... is it october yet??
1-20 of 198 Results