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  1. Parts for Sale! Open House! Cumberland, MD 21502

    Marketplace Archives
    The postal service gave me a starting date of Jan 30 for my new job. I will be moving 326 miles from home this week, and I have a room, and a porch, covered with New Beetle parts. Packing and shipping might take more time than I have this week, so... I am having a parts and house stuff open...
  2. Ask and I might just have it

    Marketplace Archives
    Moving to Point Harbor, NC--will be working in Kill Devil Hills.
  3. FS/FT in MD:Flat-4 BRM's 17x7 5x100

    Marketplace Archives
    Don't you work at Pizza Hut? Would they have a cow if I stopped in for lunch?
  4. Ask and I might just have it

    Marketplace Archives
    The postal service is talking about shutting down my plant...but I found another job...300+ miles away. So, I need to move. I also need to downsize my house from 1220 sq feet to a 256 sq foot bungalow.. So the parts I have collected in case of emergency have to go. Email me, (I can't surf the...
  5. FS/FT in MD:Flat-4 BRM's 17x7 5x100

    Marketplace Archives
    I know your car, and love your wheels. ( I live in Cumberland. ) Wish I wasn't moving or I would snap these up in a heartbeat.
  6. wtb glovebox door

    Marketplace Archives
    I have a grey glovebox. Please email me at evilmailjeep at gmail dot com
  7. ToD 2K11 GTG & cruise

    Tail of the Dragon
    I was not going to go next year as I have one con at the end of May, Roswell and a second con in June, and a third one in July. However, a friend from the Philly area just messaged me about wanting to buy a beetle and get involved in our little world... So if he goes, I'll go. :)
  8. Official 2K10 ToD photo thread

    Photos: Get Togethers
    Why don't you plan a fall run just for Probie? Maybe get some folks together for a leaf change drive?
  9. Roswell-National New Beetle Convention - June 9,10,11,12th 2011

    Started work on the much to do! Hoping to get some folks from NY to drive one of them...
  10. Return to Roswell Slideshow DVD Interest Thread

    VW Related Items
    Still have some left?
  11. Have You Found the Love of your Life?

    Miscellaneous Hoo-Ha
    Huge hug back from this padded cell ;)
  12. Have You Found the Love of your Life?

    Miscellaneous Hoo-Ha
    You can love your dog. You can love the shoes someone is wearing. You can love taco salad for lunch. In my lifetime, I have been told many, many times that I was loved. I had someone spend countless nights up with me, trying so hard to make me see how self destructive I was and fight me...
  13. How many of you have seen other people hit each other because they saw your bug?

    Miscellaneous Hoo-Ha
    When I first got Rodney, and entire flatbed parade float of boy scouts erupted into slugbug.
  14. Lolabug's 2001 Mojave Beige TDI Beetle

    Photos: New Beetles
    Favorite beetle color :) Enjoy!
  15. One less in the world... *sobs*

    The New Beetle Experience
    If you bought it back from the insurance company, the parts might help make getting into your Jetta a bit easier. Glad to hear you are unharmed. Big hugs.
  16. Bug Out--Manassas, VA

    USA: Southeast
    If you are planning to show, they usually put the water cooled beetles right by the front entrance.
  17. FS: spare parts and stuff

    Marketplace Archives
    You got paypal.:)
  18. Engine Overheats while idling

    2.0 Liter Gas
    Way past due for a timing belt and waterpump swap if you haven't done it. While you are at it, change out the coolant temp sensor. ECS tuning has a great kit for the 2.0 timing belt job, everything you need in one box.
  19. FS: spare parts and stuff

    Marketplace Archives
    Could use the shift boot. Paypal addy?
  20. 2.0L VW Beetle GLS Engine rings

    2.0 Liter Gas
    For those of us at the Mason Dixon or below, what are your recommendations?
1-20 of 179 Results