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  1. Report: R.I.P. Beetle

    Rumors and Insights
    I haven't posted on here in a long, long time because I sadly saw this coming over two years ago. While the water-cooled Beetle community is arguably the best in the realm of Volkswagen, there just weren't enough of us left after the initial fanfare of the New Beetles of 1998 wore off. As early...
  2. TSD Future Thoughts

    Talimena Scenic Drive
    You got it. I'm done.
  3. TSD Future Thoughts

    Talimena Scenic Drive
    And Al, FWIW, I sincerely Do admire how ToD started just a few years back and grew quickly. For whatever reason, TSD has hit too many bumps and isn't even close. Part of that could indeed be me and my lack of promotional skill, but what is seriously missing in any semblance of TSD planning is...
  4. TSD Future Thoughts

    Talimena Scenic Drive
    Well, here is what I've done: I have asked Dustin (Matty D) to take the reins. Whether he does or not, I don't know. If not, maybe Randi will. Thus far, the consensus leans toward a permanent time frame of the 2nd weekend in November. That takes me out, as my employer doesn't give anyone time...
  5. TSD Future Thoughts

    Talimena Scenic Drive
    No surprise at that comment, as everything I post either here or on the Collective that you see earns cynical remarks, but this time around, as a last-ditch effort on my part, I'm trying to make this an all-VW event. I'm no longer in a Beetle and therefore not active on here anymore, and only a...
  6. TSD Future Thoughts

    Talimena Scenic Drive
    So....I have a feeling that there are very few people over here anymore as opposed to FB, but in case someone sees this, the date for TSD 2016 will be the weekend of Oct 15-16, and it is now open to all VWs.
  7. TSD Future Thoughts

    Talimena Scenic Drive
    I hear where you're coming from but have to disagree on a couple of points: IMO, ToD without Al or RTR without Antoine would be like going to a Rolling Stones concert without Mick Jagger. I'm not trying to sound pompous in regard to TSD, but I was one of the founders. As for a car being...
  8. TSD Future Thoughts

    Talimena Scenic Drive
    I can't set a concrete date for TSD because my weekends off switch every year. It is very difficult to get a co-worker to make a swap, so the best I can do is a time frame within a 2-3 week period that will fluctuate year-to-year. While ToD is always the 1st weekend in May, Roswell as well as...
  9. TSD Future Thoughts

    Talimena Scenic Drive
    I see this thread started a while ago, and it's been a long time since I've posted here on the Org. Jumping through the hoops of having my password changed to a far more complicated set of characters didn't help, either. I've been in a state of suspended animation for a few months that my...
  10. Curb Rash on Rims

    New Beetle Detailing/Cleaning
    Curb rash is quite depressing on alloy wheels. While alloys look very nice, plastic hubcaps that come with steelies are a lot less expensive to replace. I just bought a Passat with steelies and VW covers. One is cracked, so I considered getting a whole set of wheels, but I just replaced the bad...
  11. TSD 2015 Planning Thread

    Talimena Scenic Drive
    I edited the first post of this thread, but it didn't help because the last post on page 4 was what appeared on the Org. I have lots to learn about promoting, I guess.:o
  12. 1st time new beetle owner in Wisconsin

    New Member Forum
    Welcome to NewBeetle.Org from a fellow Cheesehead. I'm in Eau Claire. :)
  13. New to the Forum, but not to the Beetle

    New Member Forum
    Nice Beetles, and welcome to the Org! Where in Wisconsin are you? I live in Eau Claire and have been trying to start a water Beetle club for nearly 3 years. I have a Candy White 2010 Beetle S with the base 2.5 and a 2000 Cyber Green 2.0 that my daughter drives.
  14. Volkswagen Used Illegal Software to Cheat Emissions Tests: EPA

    Site News
    Regulations are regulations, I guess, but a max fine of $37.5K per car seems quite harsh.
  15. TSD 2015 Planning Thread

    Talimena Scenic Drive
    I'm curious: Is the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Group and the NC Beetle group one and the same, or are they 2 separate clubs?
  16. TSD 2015 Planning Thread

    Talimena Scenic Drive
    If anyone is reading this, we only have 7 Beetles on board for TSD '15. My wish is to make this a major thing like RTR and ToD. Come on, check it out and join us!
  17. Just got my first Beetle

    New Member Forum
    Welcome to the Org! There are quite a few members that live in Florida. :)
  18. TSD 2015 Planning Thread

    Talimena Scenic Drive
    I have an idea. I don't know if it will work, and I could use some help. I'm thinking of having flyers made for TSD to send to VW dealerships in the areas closest to the Talimena region, say, Tulsa, OKC, Ft. Smith, Little Rock, etc. But I'm not a designer...:o Would anyone out there be up to the...
  19. New from SoCal

    New Member Forum
    Welcome to the Org!
  20. 21st Century Beetle: US Sales Numbers

    The New Beetle Experience
    August numbers are in: Coupe: 1287 Convertible: 840 Total: 2127 For 2015 so far, 17,527 Beetles have been sold in the US. Since launch: 124,643
1-20 of 480 Results