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  1. Florida Clubs United

    Event Planning Archive
    I haven't been on in forever... Robert & I don't have our beetles anymore:( but we are still 'dubbin I've got the Jetta & he's got the GTI Would love to see everybody again. Is this still a possible go? ~ Jenn
  2. Sad... Sad Day!!!

    Miscellaneous Hoo-Ha Archive
    Soon to come!!! I sent you a PM by the way. Let me know & if not I'll list them on here :bigthumb: :wave:
  3. Sad... Sad Day!!!

    Miscellaneous Hoo-Ha Archive
    I will forever be BabyGirls mamma, but my little girl is on her way to make somebody else very happy :o I love her very much & it was very hard to take her back to the dealer, but her lease was up. I can say one thing for sure... she made me a VW fan through & through. The last four years...
  4. Explain your Avatar!

    Miscellaneous Hoo-Ha Archive
    Since my old one is lost (I didn't have it saved anywhere) I picked a pic of BabyGirl & Plato at on the parks here in Jax that I took a while back. :wave3:
  5. My Poor Daizy

    The New Beetle Experience
    :( Sorry to hear about what happened. I don't have any info to pass on to you about the repair, but I hope all goes well. :o
  6. '02_vwgirl & Plato Got Married

    Photos: Members
    Really didn't want to post all the pics again so... Here a link to the old forum if anybody still wants to see the pics. :heart: '02_VWGIRL & PLATO:heart:
1-6 of 6 Results