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General Information

Beetle turbo 6 speed
Tornado red
I purchased it used about 4 weeks ago. Motor went kapop 4 days later. New motor and turbo later.
Been pimpin' it out ever since.
Love this little car.
2013 Volkswagen Beetle turbo 6 speed (Tornado red)


Neuspeed turbo downpipe. and uppipe.
APR downtube.
Fluidampnr balancer.
APR stage 2+ tune. Custom 3" exhaust
Pelloquin differential.
Clutch masters stage 2 clutch setup..Forge intercooler hoses.
ECS stainless SUPER HEAVY DUTY/deep oil pan.
Oil capacity is NOW 6.5 quarts.
Carbon fiber oil filter cover.
ECS braided clutch fluid cable. ECS solid shifter bushings. ECS speed bleeder.
Nice oil fill and coolant fill caps.
HD coils.
CTS turbo K04 turbo
CTS turbo catch can
CTS turbo FMIC
USP motorsports CAI.
APR stage 2+ tune/K04 tune.
APR switchable, stock/91/93/100+ race tune.
Dieselgeek 6 speed shifter.
New clutch, rated to 400+ hp installed.
APR trans bushings/shifter bushings.
034 motorsports motor mounts.
APR dogbone mount.
Snow perf meth/water injected
ECS CAI setup.
Custom bolts, replacing oem ones in various spots
HP/TQ should be in the neighborhood of over 400 ft lbs tq, and 380+ hp.
Red and black leather seats out of another 2013 beetle. (heated, of course). lol
Assorted trim pieces for around door switches and handles, from bugs a go go. Nice stuff.
Custom shifter ball. With adapter.
Changed out shifter boot with a nicer one.
3rd pedal cover.
Larger rear view mirror.
Aftermarket 12v socket in console.
Inlays for various cup holders, etc.c
Leather cover for console lid.
Colored VW inlay for steering wheel.'
AEM gauge pod in left vent hole.
Roof spoiler.
smoked front running lites.
Yellow fog lite bulbs.
Different decals.
Painted to match roof antenna
Dune rear spoiler.
Trim around tail lights.
Removed front license plate.
Tinted windows.
APR decal
Does 'lowered' count? :>)
Aftermarket wheels
Different exhaust (well, you SEE the tips).
Brighter headlite bulbs and running lite bulbs
VW accessories, lower rear valance.
Front license plate bolt hole stash from bugsagogo.
Blacked the front and rear VW logos, along with the TURBO on trunk.
Painted chrome stripe in front grille, black.
Got a replacement touch screen 6 cd changer off ebay. Much cooler. LOL.
trim AROUND upper speakers, tho.
HR lowering springs.
Koni SRT struts and shocks.
Braided stainless steel brake lines.
ECS rear sway bar reinforcement piece.
ECS front and rear sway bar ends (adjustable).
ECS rear 23mm sway bar w/ECS billet mounts and poly bushings.
Replaced front sway bar with 24mm ECS bar. Handles like it's on rails.
Wheel and Tire
I hadta get different ones. OEM ones were sporty, but not sporty enough.
Custom center caps.