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  1. Need help desperately. Bgd engine

    I am looking for a new intake for my bgd engine. I have an 04 convertible beetle gls. It has a 2.0L bgd motor in it and have spent the past month trying to get it running again and it has been nothing but problem after problem. On top of that I cant seem to find a full schematic of the intake...
  2. Thread for thread hijackers ;)

    Miscellaneous Hoo-Ha
    This thread will be the place for all thread hijackers [cough, cough, MORAV} to come and play... But, in order to hijack this thread, it has to have a topic. So, the topic will originally be: Future Mods that you want to do and why I was wanting to put a SC in Moe, but there is a NBC that I...