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  1. The New Beetle Experience
    Hey guys need some advice! I was driving down the freeway in my 04’ Turbo S when I noticed my coolant temp light came on, once I pulled over, I discovered that my thermostat housing hose was ice cold. I let everything cool down and limped it back home only 15 minutes away. When I got home, I...
  2. Back in Time!!!

    The mis's, me and the bug!!! The bug and the mis's! Me and the Little Yellow Devil! Us again! The duo! What a pair! Great times! Hope you had fun! ;) See ya soon! -YellowDevilBug!!!
  3. Out in the wild!!!

    Taken at the Los Angeles Crest Highway Enjoy! Germany? Nope! Yellow Devil L.A. Bug! Two of a kind! Name a better team! I'll wait! Fun in the snow! The road ahead... What a view! Thanks for stopping by!!! More to come... -YellowDevilBug!!!
1-3 of 3 Results