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1.8 20vt

  1. The New Beetle Experience
    Hey guys need some advice! I was driving down the freeway in my 04’ Turbo S when I noticed my coolant temp light came on, once I pulled over, I discovered that my thermostat housing hose was ice cold. I let everything cool down and limped it back home only 15 minutes away. When I got home, I...
  2. Back in Time!!!

    Back in Time!!!

    The mis's, me and the bug!!! The bug and the mis's! Me and the Little Yellow Devil! Us again! The duo! What a pair! Great times! Hope you had fun! ;) See ya soon! -YellowDevilBug!!!
  3. Out in the wild!!!

    Out in the wild!!!

    Taken at the Los Angeles Crest Highway Enjoy! Germany? Nope! Yellow Devil L.A. Bug! Two of a kind! Name a better team! I'll wait! Fun in the snow! The road ahead... What a view! Thanks for stopping by!!! More to come... -YellowDevilBug!!!