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  1. New Member Forum
    I bought my car (2001 GLS 2_0) last October. I love this car! :nblove: The mileage was a little over 25 k. There was a sticker on it for servicing in 5K. It's a little over 29 now. So, last night my check engine light came on. The hubs checked the oil and it was wayyyy dry. (Yes, got the...
  2. Photos: New Beetles
    Hello - This is LuLu on the day I got her, 2001 GLS, 2.0 5 speed. Hubby gave her to me for Christmas!! Who said girls need diamonds? Give this gal a NB any day! :) The begining of the Daisy Makeover. I got the flower rims for Valentine's Day. The kids got me the pink steering wheel...
  3. New Member Forum
    Happy to join such an interesting blog site as NB.org. I have learned so much already about Beetles. After two old Beetles in the mid 70's, I've just purchased a 2001 GLS with 96K miles and the local repair shop (Bay Auto) is going over it now. Ordered new Tbelt, Wpump, etc. and for under $750...
1-3 of 3 Results