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2001 new beetle

  1. Help A Girl Out Here

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Hey I don't know tons about cars & I was told I need a new alternator for my 2001 NB. I was calling around for prices & one guy was asking me about the car questions like what year is it & is it a 2.0 litre ect. & I told him I need a 90amp alternator & he asked me if it had ac I said yes & he...
  2. I Need Ideas For Mods Please!

    Photos: New Beetles
    I need some ideas for some mods I know I NEED rims for it #1 on my list & I need to touch up the paint a little but other than that I don't know what to do & I don't know what colors would go with silver :confused: on this stuff I am totally lost so any help would be muchly appreciated :) Here...
  3. My Silver 2001 New Beetle (I am new too the site)

    Photos: New Beetles
    Hi I'm a proud new owner of a 2001 New Beetle btw you don't know what your missing in your life untill you drive a Beetle. I have a question tough I know it will prob sound stupid but can someone tell me if my Beetle is a GLX TDI or a GLS I don't know the difference I have only owned my Beetle...