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2003 beetle

  1. 2003 Beetle 1.9 TDI wants to start but cant....

    1.9 Liter TDI
    When I turn the key there is a very brief engine noise like the beginning of it wanting to crank but then nothing.Replaced starter, still same issue. Anyone had a similar issue or have any clues as to what it might be. Thanks Here is a link to a video I made of the issue. The engine sound is...
  2. 2003 Beetle Eyelids Car Wash?

    Styling Modifications
    So, I have eyelids on my 2003 beetle that are attached with 3M tape, and I was wondering if I can take it through the car wash without them coming off.
  3. 2003 1.6 Beetle smoking from exhaust

    2.0 Liter Gas
    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I couldn't see a specific 1.6 petrol section... so thought the 2L petrol might be closest :confused:. Anyways, hello all im new to this forum, ive been browsing around as a guest for a while but never got round to registering as its my girlfriend that has a...
  4. Clutch seems to not be fully disengaging on 2003 Beetle

    Transmission Talk
    Strange issue I've been searching for in the forums but can't pin it down - maybe someone can help. A few weeks ago, my 2003 Beetle was experiencing issues putting into gear and would often slip - mostly only in 3rd and 4th gear. This only occurred for a few days and then completely stopped...
  5. Upgrade 2003 Monsoon tape deck to newer Monsoon CD/MP3/iPod compatible radio

    Car Audio
    I bought my 16 Y/O daughter a 2003 Cyber Green color concept 1.8T GLS 5-speed with 68K :) we both LOVE the carand it is exceptionally clean. It has the factory Monsoon tape deck and external 6-disk changer and works perfectly, although, it's technology is dated compared to a 16 Y/O's standards...
  6. Ignition Coils in 2003 Beetle keep going out!!!!

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    Loosing my mind here people! I have replaced all the spark plugs and the coils on my 2003 Beetle Turbo 1.8L at least 4 times, but the coils keep going out. I will replace one and it will work for like 30-45 days and then go out again, since I did not replace them all at the same time they go out...
  7. Need help installing a new glove box on 2003 beetle

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    I have a 2003 beetle - the glovebox door broke. Bought an entire new glovebox assembly from a wrecker - any guides out there on how to install? Thanks in adance