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  1. New Member Forum
    I recently bought a new beetle, I saw on the ad that it was a 2003 vw new beetle turbo I didn't question it since I knew nothing about beetle series or anything. I'm now working on it and just realized there's a difference between having a vw beetle with a 1.8 turbocharged engine and having a vw...
  2. Technical Modifications
    hi all! i have a 2003 vw beetle that i recently took to the shop for an oil leak where they had told me that my turbo is leaking oil out of some seals that have gone bad. oil is going into the intercooler and there was some gathered oil in the tube leading to it. they told me the only way to fix...
  3. Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Hello, I just purchased the 03 beetle. 169,300 miles. The engine in the car sounded great, then all of a sudden I got on the interstate trying to go past 60mph, I had problems accelerating which was very dangerous. It almost felt like the car was going to stop, then it jerked out of it and was...
  4. Vehicle Classifieds
    I have a 2003 New Beetle. Perfectly intact except water from a truck wake got in engine. Now it won’t start. AC and heat work, radio/cassette works, has a VW brand trunk CD player, has leopard seat covers, dash vase, thick rubber floor mats & trunk liner. Carpet & seats in good shape bc of thick...
  5. New Member Forum
    I've tried to research the 2003 Newbeetle I just bought, it's called a Lightning Bug, Red , w special stripes, and custom interior, Recaro seats, all leather, w 1.8 Turbo, auto trans. I can't find anything about this special edition VW Newbeetle, please help me.
  6. 12+ Parts and Accessories
    I hit curb at DMV 🤣🤯😭 Can anyone advise me a decent place online to purchase this bumper? Also can you get already painted or do all come unpainted. What Part is actually called would be appreciated. 2003 Convertible Turbo. Thanks 😊
  7. Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    I'm the original owner and know less-than-nothing about cars, so any help/advice much appreciated. Car is in my garage in toronto. I'm heading away for winter and spring and want to put a cover over it as the garage roof is prone to leaking. Thanks, all!
  8. New Member Forum
    Hi!! So I've been looking into purchasing a Beetle and came across this one that obviously will need some work done on it, but is selling for a very reasonable price. One of the cosmetic issues it has is the driver side door panel. The vinyl is off of it. It's an '03 convertible and I was...
  9. Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    I bought my daughter a 2003 Cyber Green Color Concept Beetle 1.8T (APR flashed!) and she absolutely LOVES IT!! Except when she parks it and the battery dies! I have a Vag-Com, digital multi-meter and I'm pretty mechanically inclined, so let me state what I've found: When we bought the car, it...
  10. Vehicle Classifieds
    Model: 2003 GLX-Turbo 2D Hatchback Coupe EST HWY: 26-31 MPG MILEAGE: 31,657 Exterior Color: Galactic Blue (special color) Interior Color: Black Leather Extras: *custom interior paint on dash, *full-body CARACTERE kit (front and rear valances, side pods and spoiler), *17" alloys, heated front...
1-10 of 10 Results