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2007 new beetle

  1. 2007 New beetle Brake Issues

    Miscellaneous Hoo-Ha
    Looking for thoughts and feedback on a 2007 New Beetle with 52k miles. Picked up the notorious whooshing sound of a bad vacuum line and had a hard pedal. Limped it in to a reputable repair shop that specializes in VW/BMW/Audi. Initial thoughts on his part was vac lines but turned out to be the...
  2. Remove 2007 New Beetle Headlight Assembly?

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    I spent over 3 hours this past Saturday trying to remove the driver side headlight assembly from my 2007 2.5L New Beetle to replace a burned out headlight bulb. I removed the air filter assembly and the wheel well shroud and could not find what was retaining the unit. I can see the wire metal...