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  1. New member with a 1.4 Luna

    New Member Forum
    I'm the proud owner of a 2007 Beetle 1.4 petrol Luna with manual transmission and am based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Whilst this is a great looking car I have found that it also has some 'interesting' design features that make it tricky to fault find and repair and so I thought this forum could be...
  2. Daughters Beetle, I'm the wrecnch turner

    New Member Forum
    We just bought our daughter an 07' 2.5L Beetle. Learned on the way home that it has a bad Alternator. Of course the fella selling it said it was fine. Replacing it will by my first task. She really loves it. I have found a lot of great info on the forum already. Thank you to all the...
  3. 2007 Convertible Headlight Problem

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    I bought my daughter a 2007 Convertible. Eventually the lights started failing. I changed the bulb in the driver side one and worked properly. Due to issues with previous owner I couldn't get the passenger one out unless I broke it so I decided to get a new set for the car. Again, replaced the...
  4. '07 Coupe - Strange Evap issues.

    2.5 Liter Gas
    Last fall I purchased a used 07 coupe 2.5 - Car performed fine during test drive, but after filling the fuel, it took a while to start, almost as if the engine were flooded. A few days later, I got a CEL related to evap issues, reading on here, I replaced the fuel cap, and the small evap...
  5. Some Fall Photos of my Harvest Moon 2007 NB

    Photos: New Beetles
    Hi everyone, Still pretty new to these forums but thought I'd add some photos of my new New Beetle. I purchased this car a couple of weeks ago, it is my 2nd Beetle (the first was a batik blue '99 GLS 2.0). This one is a 2007 2.5 manual in Harvest Moon with all the standard features and about...
  6. Feeler / What's it worth: 2007 Yellow NB - Certified!

    Vehicle Classifieds
    I'm wondering what Spooky is worth and if anyone is interested. The specs: 2007 NB Hatchback Yellow 39500 Miles Leather MP3/CD Player Moonroof Heated Seats Spooky is certified (i think that kicks in at 40k until 60k?) According to the VW website the warranty is transferable (though there...
  7. Have a 2007 Convertibeetle?

    Car Audio
    If you have a 2007 convertible and it has a multi-disc CD changer, please let me know where the CD changer is located in your car. If you have pictures, that would be awesome!